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When did Jesus open the gates to heaven?


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Upon his death the veil was torn in two.

This is a highly significant event. The 'veil' was a large curtain in the holiest part of the Jewish Temple - the 'holy of holies' where the Jews actually believed God dwelt. The curtain separated this place from the rest of the Temple, acting as a barrier between God and humanity.

At Jesus' death there was am earthquake, and the curtain tore in two from top to bottom. This meant symbolically that the barrier between God and humanity was removed opening the gate of heaven to all believers - past and future. The climax of this, of course, was the proof of the relationship between humanity and God being restored in Jesus' resurrection, opening for us the great expectation of our own resurrections and eternal life in heaven.


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Us Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God, put on earth to open the gates of Heaven for us.Hint on the above:Do God, the Creator, need to have a son for him to open the gates of Heaven for you? Do you think that the gate to Heaven will be opened for you by the claimed son of God or by your deeds in your first life: if balanced in you favor you go to the God Paradise and if balanced against you you are pushe to Hell fire.

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By giving up His Own divine life for us on the Cross 2009 years ago, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the True Messiah, opened up the gates of Heaven for all who believe in Him and follow Him. By His death alone our sins were made up for, and God was pleased.

When praying address the Heavenly Father, and end with 'in Jesus' name', amen. Jesus always stands between us sinners and the Father. When He died on the cross He became our mediator with God. This is why He (Jesus) said 'None enter the gates of Heaven except through Me'. Our only access to God and Heaven is through Jesus Christ.

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We celebrate Easter because it was the day Jesus rose from the dead after being put to death on the cross. We gained salvation into Heaven! Alleluia!Without the gates of heaven would be closed and no one could get to heaven. He suffered for our sins.We caused him to go through it by original sin commited by Adam and Eve. They closed the gates of heaven and only the Son of God could reopen them!

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