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When did Juan Ponce de Leon come to Florida?

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Juan Ponce de Leon first came to Florida in 1513. In 1521 de Leon later returned to perform a permanent settlement. The Native Americans didn't like that idea so they declared war. Juan Ponce de Leon was injured in the leg forcing him to retreat to the nearby island of Cuba where he died from his injury.

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How did juan ponce de leon come across Florida?

He was looking for the Island of Beimeni but came across the land Florida

Did juan ponce de leon come from spain?

Yes, in-fact he did come from Spain. my moms butt

Where did the first governor of Puerto Rico come from?

Don Juan Ponce de Leon was from Spain

Why did Ponce De Leon come to Florida?

to find the fountain of youth in Florida . so he can win the explorer awards.

Why did the spanish come to Florida?

Because the Spanish Conquistador Juan Ponce de León went to Florida and wanted to find the Fountain Of Youth that he heard of from other Spanish Conquistadors.

What did the word Florida come from?

from the Spanish 'Pascua Florida' meaning 'flowering Easter' the name for Palm Sunday, as the peninsula was discovered on that day - 20th March 1513 by Ponce de Leon

Who was the first settlers in Florida?

The fir st settler in Florida was Jaun Ponce de Leon. Explorer and settler are not the same thing. Ponce was an explorer, and the first known European to come ashore in Florida (and, thereby discover and claim it for Spain). As to the actual anwser, Questioner is advised that the same question, and its answer has been posted already. Search facilities are provided at the top of Q&A Web pages on the site. Choices for exent of search are also provided.

Who was the first tourist to come to Florida?

A good candidate might be Ponce Deleon.

Where does the name Florida come from?

Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish conquistador, named Florida in honor of his discovery of the land on the evening April 2, 1513, six days after Easter and still during Pascua Florida, a Spanish term for the "Flowery Easter" season, and also for the land's appearance as a "flowered land."

When did Hispanics first come to Miami?

Ponce de Leon was there in 1513, only 21 years after Columbus discovered the new world.

Did Juan Ponce de Leon get married or have any children?

Although details are hard to come by, it is certain that he was married and had children because a contemporary report says that during an attack by Caribs from another island on the city (and on his house) in Puerto Rico where he lived, "his family" managed to escape in time.

What is Juan ponce de Leon's failures?

Juan Ponce de Leon did not have any point-black failures because he is a beast and was so amazing that he has a long list of accomplishments and strengths but one will never be able to find at least 5 things that ponce de leon failed at. Furthermore you can say that Ponce deLeon failed at being a good man because through his amazing accomplishments he ruined the chances of another man being recognized for anything in their lives (because he did it first). I dare you to research and come up with 5 failures because I myself have been trying to find the answer to this very question for the past 3 hours. all i want to do is sleep. dear jesus i swear ponce de leon will remain a beast and will never be smeared in his good name. i hope you find my answer to be fitting and i assure you that after you spend quality time researching this topic you will agree with me.ps actual failures include (not finding the fountain of youth, being stripped from governor due to political disputes, and never being able to establish a colony in florida) i dare you to find more because i give up on life. thankyou and have a good day.-Anonymous aka a very angry 10th grade girl

Where did the name Florida come from?

Florida was named by Spanish conquistador Ponce de León, who was the first European to record its location, on April 2, 1513. He believed it to be a large island. He called it "La Florida" (flowery land) referring to the Easter season, which in Spanish is Pascua Florida.

What country did the surname Leon come from?

The Leon surname originated in Gascogne, France.

Where do oranges for juice come from?

Florida Florida. Florida.

Does the last name ponce come from Spain?

go look on the fallowing link...... http://www.houseofnames.com/xq/asp.fc/qx/ponce-family-crest.htm

Where did the last name Ponce come from?

Ponce is a name that was carried to England in the great wave of migration from Normandy following the Norman conquest of 1066. The Ponce family lived in Cumberland, at Ponsonby, from whence the family derived their name.

What country do blood diamonds come from?

blood diamonds come from siera leon

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