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It is not a real part of his life.It is fictional and is part of his gimmick.So he is just acting.

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Did Undertaker's and Kanes mom die in a fire?

no Kane killed her, well it was a fire, but Kane started iit.

Did Kanes mom die?

well my friend had told me that his mom died in a fire and Kane is my favorite wrestler

Did Kanes and Undertaker s moms die in a fire when they were children?

yes kanes and undertakers mom die in a fire when they were children

How did Kanes father die?

He died in the fire that happend in their house

Did undertakers and kanes mom die in a fire?

In reality: No In storyline: Yes

What date did Kane and undertakers parents die?

may 19th Sorry but Kane real name Glenn Jacobs his parents in real life are still alive and Mark Calaway aka taker in real life his parents are also alive

When did Peter Kane die?

Peter Kane died in 1991.

When did Frank Kane die?

Frank Kane died in 1962.

When did James Kane die?

James Kane died in 1964.

When did Kane O'Hara die?

Kane O'Hara died in 1782.

When did Richard Kane die?

Richard Kane died in 1736.

When did Jim Kane die?

Jim Kane died in 2003.

When did Gail Kane die?

Gail Kane died in 1966.

When did Art Kane die?

Art Kane died in 1995.

Did Kane from WWE die?

no he still is Kane his name is glenn Jacobs

When did Bob Kane die?

Bob Kane died on November 3, 1998.

When did Henry Coey Kane die?

Henry Coey Kane died in 1917.

When did Pandurang Vaman Kane die?

Pandurang Vaman Kane died in 1972.

When did Amy Grace Kane die?

Amy Grace Kane died in 1979.

When did Jerry Kane die?

Jerry Kane died on 1949-06-16.

When did Woodbury Kane die?

Woodbury Kane died on 1905-12-05.

When did Helen Kane die?

Helen Kane died on 1966-09-26.

Did old Kane die?

Glenn Jacobs is the only one to be Kane and no he is not dead

When did Irving Kane Pond die?

Irving Kane Pond died in 1939.

When did John Kane die?

John Kane died on 1934-08-10.