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Where is mt kenya

Desert in botswana

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Mountains found along South Africas east coast

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Q: When did Kenya first participate in the olympic games?
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At which olympic winter games did Kenya first participate?

1998 Winter Games in Nagano. Kenya sent one athlete to participate in the 1998 Winter Games, cross country skier Philip Boit who finished 92nd in men's 10 km.

Which country did not participate in first Olympic Games?


When did women first participate in the Olympic Games?


What African country was the first to compete at the Olympic Games?


When did the country Libya first participate in the Olympic games?

In 1964

Who was the first Aboriginal to compete in the Olympic Games?

the first aboriginal Australian to participate in the olympic games was Kevin coombes in 1960, but he was a paralympian. (:

What was the first country that played in the Olympic games?

The concept of the Olympic games began in Greece, and therefore Greece can be considered the first country to participate in the games.

Who was the first Indian to participate in the Olympic games?

Norman G Pritchard

Why Argentina do not participate in Olympic in 2012?

Argentina did participate in the 2012 Olympic games.

Who won Kenya's first Olympic medal?

Wilson Kiprugut was Kenya's first Olympic medalist when he won a bronze in men's 800 meter run at the 1964 Games in Tokyo.

When did women first participate in the modern Olympic Games?

Women were first allowed to participate in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris and Charlotte Cooper was the first woman gold medalist, winning the ladies singles event in tennis.

Why did the Greeks participate in Olympic games?

they invented the Olympic game :)

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