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When did London underground open?

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the London Underground first opened in 1863

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In what year did the London Underground Railway open?

the London Underground Began operation on 10 January 1863

What year did the London underground open?


When London underground open?

november 11, 2007

Is the London underground open on Boxing Day?


Which city was first to open length of underground railway?


Where did the worlds first underground railway system open?


How many years has London underground been open?


In which city did the first underground railway open in 1863?

London i think

How early in the day does the London Underground open?

5:30 a.m.

What year did the subway line in London open?

The Metropolitan Underground Railway opened in 1863.

What time does the London underground rail network open each day?

5:30 am

When was London Underground created?

London Underground was created in 1863.

What was the London underground named after?

The London Underground was not really named after anything.It was an underground metro, so they called it underground,and as it was in London, it had to have a name that everyone would know that it would be in London.So it was called the London Underground,and is also nicknamed 'The Tube'.

What is the subway system in London called?

The London Underground (or just the underground)

How do you be a London underground train driver?

Apply to London Underground Ltd.

The London underground is shorter than the Paris underground?

The London Underground is the largest in Europe and the oldest in the world.

What is the busiest station on the London Underground?

The busiest station on the London Underground is Waterloo.

Why did London Underground give the East London Line to London Overground?

The London Underground did give the East London line to the London Overground to ease its traffic.

Is the underground only in London?

Yes. The Underground does cover much area, but you cannot take the Underground from London to Oxford.

What is the name of network of tubes for traveling London?

The London Underground. Travel For London (TFL) is responsible for the London Underground and the other transport networks in London.

How long is the London Underground?

The London Underground began operations on January 10, 1863. The length of the London Underground is 250 miles, which is equal to 402 kilometers.

Percentage of London underground is underground?


How many miles of London underground is there?

There are 253 miles (400kms) of London underground track.

What is another name for London underground and was it founded?

London Underground is known by Londoners as 'the tube'.

Do you have to get an underground train from London bridge?

You can get an underground train and an overground train from London Bridge.

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