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Five days before the 1968 presidential election, along with his statement of refusing to run for office; as President of the United States.

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Who ordered the bombing raids on North Vietnam?

Lyndon B. Johnson

The campaign of sustained bombing launched by Lyndon Johnson against North Vietnam in 1964 was known as?

Operation Rolling Thunder

How did President Lyndon Johnson respond to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident?

By bombing North Vietnamese Navy installations in North Vietnam.

Who ordered bombing missions against North Vietnam in the 1960s and personally selected some of the targets?

Lyndon B. Johnson

How did General William Westmorland advise President Lyndon B. Johnson to Americanize the war in Vietnam?

To increase the number of American troops and bombing campaigns in Vietnam. Second answer. General Westmorland did not attempt to advise US President Lyndon Johnson on methods to "Americanize:" the Vietnam War.

What role did Lyndon B. Johnson play in the Vietnam war?

Johnson like kennedy was very sensitve, He also did bombing stikes on NOrth Vietnam, He also Created Operation Rolling Thunder.

How did general William westmoreland advise president Lyndon B. Johnson to americanize the war in Vietnam?

to increase the number of American troops and bombing campaigns in Vietnam.

What did opposition to the Vietnam War prompt President Johnson to do?

Opposition to the Vietnam war caused President Lyndon Johnson to halt aerial bombing of the North Vietnamese and engage in peace talks instead of escalating the war.

Why did Lyndon B. Johnson start bombing North Vietnam?

Because the North Viet Navy attacked the USN in the Tonkin Gulf.

Which president ordered a continuous bombing campaign over North Vietnam and sent the first combat troops to South Vietnam?

Lyndon Johnson :) hope I helped!!!! Have a good day!

How did President Lyndon Johnson undermine the separation of powers during the Vietnam War?

lyndon Johnson issued an executive order to increase troops in Vietnam

Who was important to the us in the Vietnam war?

Lyndon johnson!

Who was Lyndon Johnson during the Vietnam war?

Lyndon Johnson was the President of the US during the Vietnam War from the assassination of John Kennedy until the election of Richard Nixon.

Did President Lyndon Johnson visit Vietnam?

Yes, in 1966.

Why was Lyndon Johnson unpopular?

people blamed him for the war in Vietnam

President who increased troops to Vietnam?

Lyndon B Johnson

Historical people in the Vietnam War?

Lyndon B. Johnson

How did Lyndon Johnson help settle a potential railroad strike?

holding negotiations at the White House

What did Lyndon B. Johnson do in the Vietnam war?

Lyndon B. Johnson was president of the United States at the time of the Vietnam War. He increased the troop presence there exponentially after the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

Did Lyndon Johnson bring the troops back from Vietnam?

No, Richard Nixon did that.

Who was the President during South Vietnam war?

Lyndon Baines Johnson

What US President's term was ruined by the Vietnam War?

Lyndon Johnson.

Who was the US President during the Vietnam War in 1968?

Lyndon Johnson.

Who was the US president that escalated your troops in Vietnam?

Lyndon B. Johnson

What was the main president during Vietnam war?

Lyndon B. Johnson

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