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When did Mormons settle in Utah?


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The Mormon Pioneers first arrived and began setting up settlements in Utah in July, 1847.

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The Mormons settled much of utah.

The Mormons were searching for a place where they could practice their religion in peace and found that place in Utah.

In what is now Salt Lake City, Utah.

They settled in Utah. There are also alot in Idaho and California, but Utah is the main state.

People of the Morman faith settled in Utah, then south into Arizona.

The Mormons settled in Illinois between 1839 and 1845, when they began to leave for Utah due to persecution.

They sought a remote location away from their persecutors.

The Mormon Pioneers first arrived in Utah and began to set up settlements in July 1847.

The first people to settle in Utah were not immigrants, but indians and mormons.

Mormons went to Utah to practice their religon in peace

Mormons believe the church that Jesus Christ established on the Earth in the bible was first established in the Eastern United States. 'Mormons' were first in New York, then persecuted out to Kirtland, Ohio, and Navoo, Illinois, then they were persecuted out of those places, and they ended up in Utah.

The first Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley July 24, 1847.

Salt Lake City was the city that the Mormons founded in Utah.

after the lds (Mormons) people were run out of Nauvo they all walked all the way from Illinois to Utah. eventually all the lds people migrated there and soon there was enough people to make Utah a state.

The Mormons moved to Utah in search of a place where they could practice their religion in peace.

Mormons settled about 90% of the cities in Utah. The others were mostly mining towns.

There have been Mormons on the Utah Jazz in the past, but as of right now (2010) there are not any.

The Mormons settled in Utah.

The Mormons fled to Utah because other states chased them out. Mormons were prosecuted everywhere they went to a point where mobs killed men. Utah was a fairly empty territory where they were safe.

68% of Utah residents are baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). Approximately 40-50% of Utah residents are active practicing Mormons. 12% of baptized Mormons live in Utah.

Mormons settled in Utah. that is why there are a ton a Mormons there. there also alot in Idaho They also settled in Nauvoo but the temple there was burned. The Mormons colonized an area stretching from southern Alberta, Canada to northern Mexico, and from parts of what is now Colorado and New Mexico in the East to California and Nevada in the West, including parts of what are now Arizona and Idaho, and all of what is now Utah. Today, Mormons are found in most countries, and every state of the United States.

Mormons founded Salt Lake City, Utah, the capital of Utah. Actually, they founded the whole state of Utah...

Brigham Young led the Mormons to Utah.

The first Mormons arrived to settle in the Great Salt Lake on July 24, 1847.

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