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There are two, possibly three, schools of thought on this.

Firstly, using The Bible, a figure of around 1441 BC is arrived at. This date relates to the following Bible verse: 1 kings 6:11 And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.

Together with this verse the date of around 961 BC is assigned to the temple building. Together this makes 1441 BC.

A second school of thought was begun by influential archaeologist William Albright, who opted for what has come to be known as the 'late date' for the Exodus. his 'late date' is some 200 years later, at around 1250 BC. Albright adopted this date on the basis of excavations and dating of a particular archaeological dig, rather than the Bible.

A third position, sometimes linked with those who adopt the late date is that the Exodus did not happen at all. This is linked with the late date theory since there is little evidence of an enslaved people having come out of Egypt.

Answer:Evidence for the events in Exodus may be found in the Ipuwer papyrus, which describes the destruction of trees in Egypt, the destruction of the barley crop, and (three times) mentions the river turning to blood.

Jewish tradition places the Exodus in 1312 BCE.

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Q: When did Moses free the Jews from Egypt?
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Did Moses free Jews from Egypt?


Who Lead the Jews out of Egypt?

According to the bible, it was Moses who led the Jews out of Egypt.

How did Moses and the Jews escape from Egypt?

Moses and the Jews had to walk from Egypt , but it is possible the older people rode on animals.

Who freed the Jews from Egypt?

Moses freed the Jews from Egypt. It happened in the book of Exodus.

What year did Moses take the israelites out of slavery?

Moses took the Israelites out of slavery at the same time that he freed the Jews from Egypt, as these are basically the same things. The year was about 1441BC (or BCE). For more information see PeteNco. 's answer to the question 'When did Moses free the Jews from Egypt?'.

How many Jews were freed from Egypt by Moses?

It is estimated that 2.5 million Israelites (Jews) were freed by Moses.

Who is the person that lead the Jews out of Egypt?


Who led the Jews from slavery in Egypt?


What happened to the Jews in Egypt?

The Jews were under the Pharaoh in Egypt as slaves for years.And Moses freed them in the end.

What happens in exodus?

The Jews become enslaved in Egypt, & God Sends Moses to tell Pharaoh to set them free.

Who is the person who led the Jews out of Egypt?


Mesopotamia and who else lead Jews out of Egypt?


Did Moses or Moses's brother aaron lead the Jews out of Egypt?

Moses led them out of Egypt. It was his mission from God. However, Aaron was there helping him.

Why didd Moses returned to Egypt?

Moses returned to Egypt , as god told him to go and tell pharaoh to release the Jews from slavery.

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God had heard the Israelites prayers and moses had run away from Egypt after he had killed one of the guards so god told moses to go back to Egypt to free his people. Since Pharaoh refused to free them god sent 10 plagues on to Egypt and finally Pharaoh let the Israelites go free. Moses led them out of Egypt and after he had died Joshua took over and led them to the land that God had promised them. Alternate answer: according to the bible, the Jews were slaves in Egypt; naturally they wished to escape from slavery and become free people.

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Who did god tell to lead Jews a out of slavery in Egypt?


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Moses opened the Red Sea to free the Israelites from slavery.

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Moses was the spokesman of God to Pharoah, who did not heed the warnings. God sent the plagues which resulted in the release of the Jews, so Moses was an agent of God.

Who is Moses of the Old Testament?

Moses was a prophet in the old testament, he lead the Jews out of Egypt for 40 years.

How old was moses when he went back to Egypt?

Moses was 80 when God sent him to Egypt to set His people free.

Why did the Jews respect Moses?

because moses was send by God to free them from the slavery.

What did God tell Moses to do?

God told Moses to free the Israelites from Egypt.

Hebrew who led people out of Egypt and was given the ten commandments?

The Hebrew leader of the Jews from Egypt was Moses.

What led the Jews out of Egypt?

Moses Led The Jews Out Of Egypt The Jews were led out of Egypt on two different occasions, the first was by moses when the Egyptian faroh chased them out which is discussed in all the religious books, the second occasion was in 1952 when Egypt gained their independence from the british. Most Egyptian Jews escaped to different countries due to hatred from the Egyptian and fear of losing their assets.