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When did Napoleon sell Louisiana to the US?

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The Louisiana purchase was made in 1803.

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Napoleon no longer needed a base in north america

He needed cash in support of his war in Europe.

He needed cash to continue his European War.

He sold the Louisiana Purchase to the US for $15 million.

His wife said he should be sucking more that caring about louisiana

YES. The sale of the Louisiana Territory was concluded between Napoleon and Jefferson.

Napoleon was anxious to conclude the sale.

The US purchased the Louisiana Purchase for $15 million.

The negotiators for the Us were Robert R. Livingstone and James Monroe.

He was cash strapped and needed money for the conduct of his war in Europe.

As First Consul, and later Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte had absolute power which thus granted him the authority to sell the Louisiana Territory.

Napoleon Bonaparte was the ruler who decided to sell all that land to the US.

Napoleon wanted to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States because he wanted money to go to war with Britain.France needed the money to pay off debts from the French and Indian war

The US did not sell the Louisiana Territory... we bought it.

Napoleon gave the Louisiana Territory to the US

He sold Louisiana because he needed more money to fund his campaigns in Europe.

Napoleon Bonaparte was the French leader who sold the Louisiana purchases America. Napoleon was preparing for war with England, which made him eager to sell the territory.

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