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When did Pocahontas meet European settlers?

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It is historicly recorded that she met Eurean settlers in April 1607, although she may have met travelers and or traders before then; if so it is not historicly noted.

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Why was Pocahontas kidnapped by the settlers of Jamestown?

Pocahontas waskidnapped for ransom for English settlers.

Pocahontas was to settlers at Jamestown as Squanto was to settlers at?


Pocahontas brought to the settlers. What is the blank word?

Pocahontas brought lots of food and supplies to the settlers since they were having a hard time.

How did Pocahontas save Jamestown?

Pocahontas helped English settlers in Jamestown that's how she got famous

How did Pocahontas help the Jamestown settlers in the early 1600s?

She brought messages between the settlers and the Powhatan

When did Pocahontas meet john smith?

Pocahontas met John Smith in 1607.

When did Pocahontas and John Rolfe first meet?

she meet him in virginia

The Indian girl who was a helper and a friend to the settlers in Jamestown was?


Why was Pocahontas always watching the English settlers?

Because she was interested in what they did there.

When did Pocahontas and john smith first meet?

When Pocahontas was 12 years old. Pocahontas was 12 years old in 1607.

What was the early life like for Pocahontas?

Pocahontas was born in near the current town of Richmond Virginia about 15 years before European settlers arrived there. Very little real information is known about this time, as Europeans were still building the ships to come here.

Why did the European settlers leave?

why did many European settlers want to leave their homeland

Who was the first American girl who helped the Jamestown settlers?

The firstAmerican girl who helped Jamestown settlers was Pocahontas! Believe it or not!

Who did Pocahontas meet?

She married Jhon Rolf

How did john smith meet Pocahontas?

how they meet is that Pocahontas saw that that john smith was going to die so she was right near his so if he dies she dies

A problem that the settlers of Jamestown did not face was?

hostile Indians after the intervention of Pocahontas

Which native American girl became friends with the settlers of Jamestown?


Who were the first European settlers in Connecticut?

The first European settlers in the Connecticut area were the Dutch.

Where did the first european settlers come from to Canada?

The first European settlers in Canada were Scandinavians.

Who were the first European settlers in the United States?

the first European settlers in the United States were SpanishAnswerthe first European settlers in the United States were Spanish NO WAY REALLY????

What does Pocahontas fear?

Pocahontas feared what most people would in the wilderness: Wolves, bears, coyotes, but mostly the English settlers that attacked her tribe.

Leader of Jamestown settlers rescued by Pocahontas?

John Smith was the leader of Jamestown.

Who were the first Native Americans to encounter English settlers?

The first tribe to encounter the settlers was the Powhatan Indians. As in Pocahontas and John Smith. :)

Did Pocahontas or Sacajawea help settlers?

FWI It's Sacajawea. Everyone should know that.

Where did European settlers come from?

The European settlers came from Euro[e. Most of them did, but some came from England or Spain.

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