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War was never declared on Iraq. President Bush ordered the invasion to find and stop the building of weapons of mass destruction and germ warfare. It was also thought that Iraq was hiding the terrorists who had destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon. Oil may have been a factor, but that was never stated.

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Did president bush have congress approval to declare war with Iraq?

Yes, because President George Bush is a former PEPsquad member.

How did President George Bush get to Iraq?

By airplane

Who are the US presidents during the conflict in Iraq?

President George H.W. Bush was the President during the Gulf War. President George W. Bush was the President during the Iraq War.

Was George Bush the president the United Kingdom of America?


Which president ordered the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?

George Bush

Who was the president when the Iraq war started?

George Duyba Bush!

Did President Bush have the Congress' approval to declare war on Iraq?

War was not declared ON Iraq, but rather WITH Iraq on the war against terrorism.

When did President Bush declare war on Iraq?

March 20, 2003. See the Related Link.

Who was the president during the Iraq war?

George W. Bush. (the son)

Who was the president of the US while the Iraq war?

George W. Bush

Did president George W. Bush invade Iraq?


When did George Bush die?

George bush will die in the year of `2017 after he sees that what he done was wrong to kill the president of Iraq

Who was president during the Iraq war?

depends which Iraq war, if this one then George W. Bush but if the others then between Bill Clinton and George W H. Bush

What president presided over the first Iraq war?

George H. W. Bush was president during the first conflict in Iraq.

Did GW Bush ever officially declare war on Iraq?

No. A President can never declare war. Only Congress has the right to delcare war.

Where did George H. W. Bush declare war on Iraq?

Presumably, he did so in the Oval Office.

Which US President declared war on Iraq because they invaded Kuwait?

President George H.W. Bush.

Which country is not a member of the axis of evil as identified by President George W. Bush?

President George W. Bush identified Iran, Iraq, and Korea as the Axis of Evil.

Who was the president of the US during the first Iraq war?

George H. W. Bush.

Eight possible reasons for war in Iraq?

George Bush!George Bush!George Bush!George Bush!George Bush!George Bush!9/11George Bush!

Was George W. Bush involved in a war?

Yes. George W Bush was the US President who pushed for the costly Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Did Bush legally declare war on Iraq without permission of the UN?

No. The United States did not ever declare war on Iraq.

How was George W. Bush involved in Iraq?

i think he was the president who said yes to allow american soldiers fight in iraq

What decision did the President George HW Bush make about the Gulf war in Iraq?

avoid long-term involvement In Iraq. ♥

What decision did President George H.W. Bush make about the Gulf War in Iraq?

to avoid long-term involvement in Iraq

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