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During WWII, It was dropped in Hiroshima.

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What was Oppenheimer trying to do when he discovered the atomic bomb?

He was attempting to do just that- make an atomic bomb.

Why did Robert Oppenheimer create the atomic bomb?

The bomb was not made in 1939. It was made in 1945 at the end of WW2. Oppenheimer did not make the bomb, a very large group of scientists and technicians made the bomb. Oppenheimer was the civilian head of the group. That is analogous to saying that a single person invented the rocket that took men to the moon.

What make Robert Oppenheimer significance to history?

He led the secret Manhattan Project which worked to develop the atomic bomb that was eventually dropped on Japan in World War II.

How did America find out how to make an atom bomb?

The atom bomb was invented by the brilliant research of a group of scientists in 1945, working on what was known as "The Manhattan Project". The lead scientist was J. Robert Oppenheimer.

What was important about Albert Einstein's making of the nuclear bomb?

Albert Einstein did not make the nuclear bomb. Oppenheimer did.

When did the Soviet Union make their first atomic bomb?

When did the Soviet Union make their first atomic bomb?

Who coordinated the work of a team of scientists to make the atomic bomb?

In Germany, Werner Heisenberg; project failed to produce a bombIn US, J. Robert Oppenheimer; project succeededIn USSR, Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov; project succeededIn UK,In France,In China,In Israel,In India,In Pakistan,In North Korea,In Iran,etc.

What element was used to make to make the first atomic bomb?

Uranium-235 was used to make the first atomic bomb.

Why did they make the Atomic Bomb?

the atomic bomb was made to end the world war 2

Who did the atomic bomb?

China made the Atomic Bomb, no china did not make the atomic bomb. the united states made the abomb and it was called the mannhattan project

What man made the atomic bomb?

You must be thinking of Oppenheimer. He did not personally make the bomb by himself. Thousands of workers were needed to create and build the three atomic bombs during World War 2. They were developed in the Manhattan Project in several places around the US but the primary place was in New Mexico.

Who was the first to invent nuclear weapons?

The United States was the first country to develop and use nuclear weapons, but the development was the combined work of numerous physicists, engineers and other scientists, as well as military figures.Many people consider Robert Oppenheimer to be the 'Father of the Atomic Bomb', but while he did oversee the massive effort to make the first A-bomb, he did not invent it, or do it alone.

Who ordered Albert Einstein make the atomic bomb?

No one did; Albert Einstein did not create the atomic bomb.

When did japan make atomic bomb?

Japan did not make an atomic bomb. It received two in ww2, one in Hiroshima the other over Nagasaki.

Why wasn't it good for albert Einstein to make the atomic bomb?

Einstein did not make the atomic bomb, so it was neither good nor bad.

Did Germans living in the US make the US atomic bomb?

IMMIGRANTS from Germany helped make the A-Bomb.

How many sticks of dynamite did it take to make the atomic bomb?

I can't tell if you're trying to make a joke or not. There were no "sticks of dynamite" used in the atomic bomb.

Did Russia steal the atomic bomb?

They did steal all the information needed to make it. Read "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes

What year did they make the atomic bomb?

The US made atomic bombs from 1945 to 1992.

What was going on in the world that made someone want to make a bomb like the atomic bomb?

Someone wanted to make bomb like the atomic bomb so that they could end the war in a quick way so that there would be no more land invasions

The top secret project to develop the atomic bomb?

The top secret project to make the atomic bomb by the United States is called the Manhattan Project.

How did Albert Einstein know how to make the atomic bomb?

He didn't. All he had to do with the atomic bomb was signing a letter written by Leo Szilard that was sent to FDR.

How did Russia get atomic bomb and When did they make it?

they made it no 300 A.d ==|::::::::::>

Why did Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan make the atomic bomb?

because he wanted to enter the atomic energetic power session and have a atomic power for pakistan. pakistan has many enemy like that India ,ameriica .when Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan make the atomic bomb then pakistan will make the super power in the atomic engry.

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