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Rosa Parks parents split up when she was seven.

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Did Rosa Parks parents split up?

Yes they did. Am trying to find out what year and how old her and her brother were when this happened

Did Rosa Parks' grandparents have a farm?

Yes, her grandparents owned a farm. After her parents split up, Rosa, her mother, and brother stayed with her grandparents on the farm and practically grew up there.

Did Rosa parks have a mom and dad when she was growing up?

Rosa Parks' parents divorced when she was just a young child. Rosa's mother moved with Rosa and her siblings to live with Rosa's grandparents on their farm.

What did Rosa parks do that was honorable?

rosa parks stood up for herself

Why was Rosa Parks a proud American?

Rosa Parks was the first African-American to sit at the front of the bus where the white people sit. She refused to get up because she thought that they should not split the bus up like they did. That is why Rosa Parks is a proud African-American. Her bravery in a hostile environment makes her a true American. There is no doubt that Rosa Parks was thankful to see how she impacted race relations in the USA.

Who were Rosa parks parnets?

what are rosa parks parnets names and where did they grow up at?

How is Rosa Parks a good rolemodel?

Rosa Parks stood up for herself

What did Rosa parks get when she would not get up?

when Rosa Parks didn't get up she got to sit there, then she went to jail.

Where did Rosa Parks make her stand?

Rosa Parks stand up for what she believed in ,when she was in the bus

Can you write something good about Rosa parks?

Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed in

What is Rosa Parks famous for?

Rosa parks is famous for standing up for herself and doing what she believed in.

Where did Rosa Parks grow up?

Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama! A few years after her parents' divorce, her mom took her and her baby brother to live with her in Pine Level, Alabama on her grandmothers farm

Rosa parks contributions?

Rosa Parks stood up to a white on the bus and wouldnt give up her seat to a white.

When did Rosa parks refused to give her seat up?

Rosa Parks gave up her seat on December 1, 1955

How did rosa parks know martin luther king jr?

on a bus when people were split up on different buses the she got arrested

Why should you know about Rosa Parks?

A. I disagree with Wiki User B. I think you should know about Rosa because she helped end segregation among the country.

What did Rosa parks do in the NAACP?

Rosa and the naacp came up with the boycott.

How did Rosa parks inspired others?

Rosa parks inspired others by sitting on the bus and standing up for herself.

What lessons can you learn from Rosa Parks?

y can learn from rosa parks that never to give up and believe in what you believe

What year did Rosa parks not give up her seat?

Rosa parks didnt give her about 40 years ago

Why did Rosa Parks stop segregation?

Rosa parks helped by refusing to get up from a seat and give it to a whote person

Does Rosa Parks wear makeup?

Rosa Parks really did not wear any make-up, she wasn't into fashion.

What was Rosa Parks punishment?

Rosa Parks was put in prison for not giving up her seat on the bus to a white man.

How did Rosa parks effect history in the US?

Rosa parks changed u.s history by standing up for her dignity

What state did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat?

Rosa Parks was arrested in Montgomery Alabama.