When did S.E. Hinton start writing?

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She started writing in 3rd grade.
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What does the author S.E. Hinton not like to be asked about?

Answer . Susan Eloise Hinton wouldn't usually mind being asked anything. She dislike on inparticular thing, when she was asked about her boyfriends. Her boyfriends were socials and usually didn't tell her greaser friends. So mind this if you ever talk to her..

Why did S.E. Hinton name her book 'The Outsiders'?

The "Greasers" aren't in with the other crowds, they are a group that is known for having bad families and being poor and aggressive or violent. Nobody really accepts them, other than a choice few. (Not accepted)

What books did S.E. Hinton write?

Books by S.E. Hinton: . The Outsiders . Rumble Fish . That Was Then, This Is Now . Tex . Taming the Star Runner . Hawkes Harbor . Some of Tim's Stories . Big David, Little David . The Puppy Sister . Rumble Fish, Taming the Star Runner, The Puppy Sister

Is S.E. Hinton alive?

Some people say yes and some say no. The really answer is that no one really knows for sure if she is. The one thing that i can tell you is that she writes amazing books. One example is the most famous book "The Outsiders"

When did S.E. Hinton die?

She has yet to die. She is still alive otherwise it would mention a birthdate.

How did 'That Was Then This is Now' by S.E. Hinton end?

Bryon calls the police after he learns that Mark has been selling drugs. Then Mark is sent to a reformatory where Bryon comes to visit him. Then Mark says that he hates Bryon and that once he gets out he will never see Bryon again.

What do S.E. Hinton fear?

she fears that people will not like her books if they are known to be published by a woman. people think that women can not write good books. that's why she uses her annitails. to be more spasific she also fears= spiders traveling her family falling apart and publicity

Who are S.E. Hintons family members?

i really don't know, but would love to find out. so answer the question smart peoples!!! thank you! :] ^Hey umm please dont comment if you dont know

What kind of writer does S.E. Hinton say she is?

S.E. Hinton wrote Young Adult Fiction . She called herself the voice of the youth. "What type of writer is S.E. Hinton?" you ask? Why, my good friend, she is a good one!

Where did S.E. Hinton get the idea to write The Outsiders?

She was actually fifteen when she first began it. It was the yearshe was sixteen and a junior in high school that she did themajority of the work (that year she made a D in creative writing).One day a friend of hers was walking home from school and these"nice" kids jumped out of a car and beat him u ( Full Answer )

Is S.E. Hinton married?

Yes, S.E. Hinton is married to David Inhofe. The couple married in the summer of 1970.

What are the names of the S.E. Hinton family?

my name is Samantha rose Hinton my moms name is Joyce and my dads name is mike my sisters name is Julia and and one of my brother name is Joshua and the other one name is Caleb and my best friends are Emilee Smith Alexander kadair but not Linda Tyler Shy and Lexy king , and others all the other ones ( Full Answer )

Who does S.E. Hinton say she is?

she is a beautiful young girl who loves to play with her friends and hang out by Samantha hinton

How did S.E. Hinton over come writes block?

Susan Eloise Hinton over came writers block by her husband suggesting that she write two pages a day before leaving the house. I hope this helps you!

What kind of life did S.E. Hinton live?

she lived a very simple life until she reached her teens and every book seemed boring to her and when her father developed cancer it helped her to cope with it to write stories.

Does S.E. Hinton do poems?

Yes, she wrote the poem "I Remember Marty". I don't remember exactly what the poem was about, but I do remember I really like it. I think I read it around the 8th grade.

Is S.E. Hinton rich?

She is the youngest publisher so she is famous and she is also rich like a millionaire.

What season is it in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton?

Spring/Summer. Because the end of the book is of Ponyboy writing his end of the term theme (which is actually the whole book). Therefore, school is coming to an end for Pony. School usually ends in June. But I believe that in the begin of Pony's story, it's around Spring time.

Who influnced S.E Hinton?

one of her friends that was a greaser got jumped by the "good" guys (the wealthy kids) on his way home from school. When she found out she got very mad and then she wrote the story The Outsiders about that. she mostly wrote the story to just blow off some steam.

What is the climax of outsiders by S.E. Hinton?

the boys are in a gang fight Johnny stabs a rival gang member Bob and he dies. The boys hid in an abandoned church. they decide to turn themselves in and then see that a church is on fire and several kids are trapped inside.They try to save the kids but a large piece of burning wood falls on Johnny ( Full Answer )

Who are the socs in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton?

IN the MOVIE: Diane Lane as Sherry "Cherry" Valance Leif Garrett as Bob Sheldon Darron Dalton as Randy Adderson Michelle Meyrink as Marcia IN the BOOK: Sherry "Cherry" Valance (likes Ponyboy and Bob's girlfriend) Bob Sheldon (dies and Cherry's boyfriend) Randy Adderson (Bob's friend and Marcia's ( Full Answer )

What is randy personality in the outsiders by S.E. Hinton?

According to shmoop.com, "Randy is Marcia's boyfriend, as well as Bob's best friend and partner in crime. He probably participated in the beating of Johnny, and certainly in the violence against other Greasers. When Bob is stabbed by Johnny in the park, Randy runs off with his friends, leaving Bob's ( Full Answer )

What was S.E. Hinton best selling book?

The Outsiders. She made the book into a movie and Francis Ford Coppola directed it. It starred Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze.

Why do you think S.E. Hinton chose to write about gang?

She said she wanted to show how kids in her day were separated between social groups; so it was based off of her teenage life. She was a tom-boy and the group of kids she hung out with would've been considered "Greasers"

Why did Susan Hinton sign her books as S.E. Hinton?

Having gone to Rogers at the same time as Susie and growing up during that era, I know that females were not considered capable of writing serious works like The Outsiders. She didn't really have a choice in order to get it published.

How did Rumble Fish by S.E. Hinton end?

the boy's brother dies and the boy goes colorblind like his brother was and doesnt really hear anything like his brother didnt