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When did Star Trek first show on television?

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The original Star Trek debuted on NBC in the fall of 1966.

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When did Star Trek show come out on tv?

September 8th, 1966 was when the first episode of Star Trek was aired

What TV show has Spock as Vulcan in it?

The first version of Star Trek.

Which is older Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek. It first premiered as a TV show in 1966 while Star Wars Episode IV was released in 1977.

Which film came first Star Wars or Star Trek?

The TV show Star Trek was first made in 1966 but the first Star Wars film cam out in May 25 , 1977, while the first Star Trek film came out in December 7, 1979

When did star-trek first start?

Star Trek had stared in 1987. It is shuch a good tv show and every one should wach it.

In what season of Star Trek can the episode The Cage be found?

The Star Trek episode The Cage can be found in the first season of the original television show. It was actually the pilot episode for the show, the first one that was shown.

What famous TV Show had Klingons?

Question: What famos TV show had Klingons? Answer: Star Trek - The Enterprise

Who were the main stars of the film Star Trek First Contact?

The motion picture Star Trek: First Contact was filmed with the same cast that filmed the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation. The cast includes Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Brent Spiner.

How many seasons did the tv series Star Trek DS9 have?

The television series Star Trek Deep Space Nine, was set in the Milky Way galaxy, and was the second Star Trek show to use CGI technology. The fantasy show aired for a total of seven season.

Which TV show is there a vulcan called Spock?

The TV show in which there is a Vulcan named Spock is Star Trek. But not just any Star Trek! Star Trek: The Original Series (aka, ST-TOS). Spock is also pictured in various Star Trek movies, however, I believe your question was asking about TV shows. ;P. Spock also appeared in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG) as leader of the Romulan reunion movement.

What year was Star Trek have supposed to have taken place?

I suggest you rethink that. The world of Star Trek has many different years or 'stardates.' But The original Star Trek TV show was set in the 23rd century.

On which tv show will you find a vulcan named Spock?

Spock originally appeared on Star Trek, but has made cameos on other Star Trek spin-offs.

On which tv show will see a vulcan named Spock?

Star Trek , the original series .

How can the word 'trek' be used in a sentence?

A trek is a journey. Here are some sentences.We took a trek into the mountains."Star Trek" is a TV show about a journey through space.Our trek took us past the swollen river.

What race is Spock?

Mr. Spock from the TV show Star Trek is half Vulcan and half Human.

What was the most popular show on UPN?

The most popular show broadcast on UPN, (an acronym for United Paramount Network), was Star Trek. Specifically Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek Enterprise.

Is Star Trek Universe a show-within-a-show in Wizards of Oz?

No Star Trek has no affiliation with The Wizard of Oz.

Did 'Star Trek' come before 'Star Wars'?

Yes, 'Star Trek' was released as a show before the Movies that we now know as 'Star Wars'. The original Star Trek series debuted on NBC in 1966. Star Wars first opened in theaters in 1977.

What show was the first interracial kiss on?

The original Star Trek between Captain Kirk and Uhura.

What was Steve jobs favorite tv show?

hugo It depends on what time period you are speaking. During his teens it was Star Trek.

Which film contains 8 letters and is also a TV show?

Futurama (Direct to DVD)StargateStar TrekThe A Team

What television show opened the Air and Space exhibit at the Smithsonian museum in 1992?

The original Starship Enterprise Model from the Star Trek TV Show, which is still on permanent exhibition at the museum.

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