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When did Stevens start making the Model 620 shotgun?


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2005-02-21 18:22:25
2005-02-21 18:22:25

I am presently looking at buying a model 620 pump and have found the manufacture dates to be approximately 1927 to 1954. Good solid guns. At least the one I am looking at is. All machined parts, no stampings at all.


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I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

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The first Winchester model 1300 shotgun(model 1300 featherweight) was made in the year 1978.

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Start your search at Numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

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I purchased my model 311 back in 1968, as a used shotgun. I was told it was factory made with no serial number. I dont know mfg date, but this will maybe start you in the back dating process.

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I would contact Savage Arms (they own Springfield) and ask. Customer service at their website would be a good start.

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