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I am presently looking at buying a model 620 pump and have found the manufacture dates to be approximately 1927 to 1954. Good solid guns. At least the one I am looking at is. All machined parts, no stampings at all.

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โˆ™ 2005-02-21 18:22:25
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Q: When did Stevens start making the Model 620 shotgun?
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Where can you find parts for a j Stevens arm model 335 shotgun?

I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

What year did they start making the Winchester 1300?

The first Winchester model 1300 shotgun(model 1300 featherweight) was made in the year 1978.

Where can you find parts for a Stevens 335 shotgun?

Start your search at Numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

How old is a Stevens model 311 12 gauge with no serial number?

I purchased my model 311 back in 1968, as a used shotgun. I was told it was factory made with no serial number. I dont know mfg date, but this will maybe start you in the back dating process.

How do you find the age of a J Stevens arm and tool co model 520 slide shotgun?

I would contact Savage Arms (they own Springfield) and ask. Customer service at their website would be a good start.

Where can you find a bolt for a Stevens model 58b 20 gauge shotgun?

I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.they may be found on the web.I would also look at gun parts.

When did Browning start making over and under shotgun in Japan?

@ 1973

Where can you get parts for a old Stevens double barrel shotgun?

Tom, a good place to start would be e-gunparts on the web.

Where do you find parts for a Stevens 20 gauge shotgun model 940?

i would start my serch at numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.If you have no luck try e-bay,,or guns america.

Where can you find a barrel for a savage Stevens model 94blong tom?

Start looking at

What company is curently producing the Stevens model 22-410 shot gun under a different model number?

Stevens is a sub division of the Savage arms Company.That is were I would start my search.The Savage model 24 is the model number.

What is the value of a Western Field Model 37EMJ shotgun?

The value of a Western Field model 37 EMJ shotgun will vary depending on the condition. The prices start at an estimated $225.00.

What year did Remington start making the m40 Mohawk shotgun?

I think you mean the model 48, no 40 I've ever heard of, and in typical lack of creativity for models in 1948.

When did Iver Johnson start making the Champion shotgun?

Sometime in the 1880's.

When was model 1897 winchester 12 gauge shotgun serial3089 made?

The serial number start for the winchester model 1897 was #31609.This was a continuation of the model 1893 shotgun serial numbers.The number you provided was assigned to the model 1893 shotgun and this number was produced in 1894.they made these model 1893 shotguns from 1893-1899.

Where do you find a parts manual and a parts dealer for a model 520 Stevens pump shotgun made between 1912 or 1913 serial number 7047?

I would start with numrich arms,they have an awful lot of old gun parts.

How do you disassemble Stevens model 59b?

Start by contacting Savage Arms Customers Service through their website (they own the Stevens brand) and ask for an owner' manual.

When did marlin start making the model 30aw?

In 1983.

Where can you find a parts diagram for a Savage Arms Model 311A shotgun?

Try Numrich Gun Parts Go to "Start Here" and follow the instructions by selecting manufacturer then model, or go directly to the Stevens/Savage 311A page:

When did j Stevens arms company start making the model 520-30 shotgun and if there is a us marked is it used by us army during the world war 2 or Vietnam war?

This military shotgun, also known as a 'trenchgun' or is other variants a 'riot' gun; was put into production in 1904 and produced through 1932. This is one of few military shotguns that was employeed from WW1-Vietnam. 'Very collectable' and can bring a pretty price.

Where can I purchase a 22 gauge shotgun?

Pretty much a custom proposition. Do a google search on custom shotgun makers and start making phone calls.

What model shotgun is Browning with serial number 04768MR136?

I would like to start first with the serial number.The letters MR in the middle of the serial number indicates that your browning shotgun was made in 2007.With that said,if you have a pump shotgun then you have a browning BPS.If you have a over/under shotgun then you have a browning citori.If you have a semi-auto shotgun then you have a browning gold model.

What is the value of a belguim browning over under shotgun model lightning?

Need serial number to start with.

How can you find a clip for a Stevens Model 258B 20 gauge?

I would start at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

When did Winchester start making the model 67?

in .22 cal it was 1934 and stopped making in 1963