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Theodore Roosevelt was the Vice President of William McKinley. When McKinley was assassinated and died on 14 September 1901, Roosevelt was swon in as President.

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He was 42 years old when he became president.

actually he became president in 1901-1909 by the assaination of McKinley.

After TR died, Taft became president. After FDR died, Truman became president.

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Theodore Roosevelt became nationally prominent for his exploits in the Spanish American War and was elected Vice President in the 1900 election. When William McKinley was shot and later died in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as President. TR was elected of his own accord in 1904 but chose not to run in 1908. TR ran as a third-party candidate (the party was known as the Progressive Party and later the Bull Moose Party) in 1912 but lost.

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TR was not popular within much of his own Republican Party and it was controversial to put him as the Vice-Presidential candidate on the ticket with William McKinley in 1900. When McKinley was assassinated, TR became president in 1901. TR served the remainder of McKinley's term, then got elected to the Presidency in the 1904 election. TR really only served one elected term as president, but served most of McKinley's term also. After his election in 1904, TR said he would not run again, though he did in 1912.

TR served from 1901 to 1909. He became president in 1901 on the assassination of President McKinley, and was elected to the office in 1904.

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TR was very popular with the public. He still remains popular. Within his own party, TR was not initially popular because of his nasty habit of stopping corruption.

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