Tap Dancing

When did Tap Dancing originate?

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Where Did tap dancing Originate from?

Tap dancing originated from America.

Where did tap dancing originate?


Were did tap dancing originate from?


Does tap dancing originate from America?

Yes. In fact, tap is the only kind of dance to originate in America.

What did tap dancing originate from?

in America technically it partially does, but it was created as a combination of clog dancing and Indian dances.

Where did tap dance originate?

there are two types of tap dancing australlian and American American is more light and australlian is more heavy footed

Where did tap dancing?

Do you mean 'where did tap dance originate?' On slave ships, slaves would have pennies on their feet and they would dance around making the tapping noises.

Was there tap dancing in A Chorus Line?

Yes there is tap dancing.

What is the beat of tap dancing?

A cold tap and a hot tap, dancing. That's the best.

What dance did tap dancing originate from?

A uniquely American dance form, tap dance is the fusion of British Isles Clog and Step dancing with the rhythms of West African drumming (the tap sounds were used to replace the beats of the drums.) The creation of tap dance came from many different dance forms.

When did tap dancing end?

Tap dancing never ended it is still there today.

Is tap dancing a popular dance?

Yes. Tap dancing is very popular.

Is tap dancing a sport?

* YES! If volleyball is a sport, DANCING is a sport! No matter which kind of dancing! * yes, tap dancing is defanitly a sport

Is tap dancing a verb?

Yes, tap dancing is a verb. A verb is a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence. Tap dancing is an action. For example "She tap dances in front of the audience."

When was tap dancing started?

during 1930s and 1940s tap dancing was actually popularized

What is the difference between jazz and tap?

Tap dancing is louder than Jazz dancing

Did flamenco dancing originate in catalonia?

No flamenco dancing did not originate in catalonia, it originated in Andalusia.

How did tap dancing get its name?

Tap dancing got its name from the sound that dancers tap shoes make. They make a sort of tapping sound whenever the dancer moves his/her foot. That's why tap dancing is called what is it.

Does tap dancing help your muscles?

All forms of dance help your muscles, and tap dancing is no exception. Tap dancing especially focuses on calves, shin, and ankle muscles.

Where is tap dance practiced today?

You can practise tap dancing anywhere in the world. There are many dance classes that teach tap dancing!

How has tap dancing changed over time?

It has changed from the original form of Irish step dancing to our modern day tap dancing

What type of dancing did Fred astaire do?

Tap dancing While Fred did do his share of tap dancing, he is most famous for his ballroom dancing - waltzes, foxtrots, etc.

What kinds of dancing is tap dancing made of?


Why did tap dancing go out of style?

Tap Dancing went out of style to make room for the new type of dancing called Hip-Hop.

Which musicals have tap dancing?

Billy Elliot - both the film and the west end productions have tap dancing.