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When did Texas become a state?

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Texas became the 28 state to be admitted to the United States of America on December 29th, 1845. The present boundaries of Texas were established with the Compromise of 1850. James Polk was the President at this time.

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Why did some Americans not want Texas to become a state?

If it did become a state it would be a slave state and they did not want that.

Who was president when Texas become a state?

James Polk was President in 1845 when Texas became a state.

When did Texas officially become a state?

they became a state in 1845.

What state was a country before it become a state in the US?


Why did Texas become its own country?

Texas is NOT a country, it is a state in the USA

How did Texas become its own state?


In what year did Texas become a state?

Texas joined the Union on December 29, 1845, as the 28th state.

In what sequence did Texas become a part of the U.S.?

Texas was the 28th US State.

What was the first to become a state. Texas Oregon Kentucky California?


When did the Texas longhorn become Texas' state large mammal?

in 1881

Why did many americans oppose annexing Texas to the united States?

they feared Texas would become another slave state

When did the red grapefruit become the Texas state fruit?

The Red Grapefruit was designated as the Texas state fruit in 1995.

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What year did Texas become a state?

1845 1845.

Who help Texas become a State?

You, Me, and everyone else

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What was the eleventh colony to become a state?

texas and hawaii

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What location did the Texas revolution take place?

Throughout what has become the modern state of Texas.

Why did Texas want to become its own state?

because texas fore fathers were supid

Did Nevada become a state before Texas or after?

Nevada became a State in 1864 a full 19 years behind Texas.

What number state did texas become?

Texas was admitted into the Union on December 29, 1845 becoming the 28th state to join the Union.

Did John Tyler make Texas a state?

Yes, he pushed for Texas statehood and signed a treaty to make Texas a state. However, the Senate refused to ratify it. Texas did not actually become a state until a year later.