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It is the same word Salonica or Thessaloniki or Thessalonica. You choose!

When I was there in '69, the locals called it Saloniki, though it was Thessalonica on our English map.

Thessaloniki is the name of Aexander's the Great sister and the city was called in her favor. Over the years many cultures lived in the area like the Hebrews from Spain and the Slavs. Remember that Thessaloniki was occupied for almost 500 years by the Turks. The names used during the period are Solun, Salonica, Saloniki. After the city's libetration in 1912 the official name was brought in use and the majority refers to that. Some locals still call Saloniki their city.


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The German surname Honecker (e.g. former GDR head Erich Honecker who built the Berlin Wall, philosopher Martin Honecker), and (for a speaker of British English) the flowering shrub Camellia Japonica (often just called Japonica). Also the ancient Greek city of Thessalonica, now known as Thessaloniki. If you want to be a bit daring, you could do something like: While staying in old Thessalonica, I recited in tones histrionic a Whole list of names Like Augustus and James, But I couldn't remember your moniker!

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Thessalonica, Constantinople, Alexandria

A bus from Thessaloniki to Kosice costs approximately $130 and takes 20 hours.

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