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When did US enact a military draft?

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the first "official" draft occured during the civil war

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When the US military draft begin?

The US military draft began in the US Civil War (1861-1865).

When was the first US military draft?

The first military draft was during the civil war.

Has the us draft ended yet?

Who was president of the US when the military draft ended

When was the last military draft in the US?

The draft was discontinued in 1973.

How do avoid the military draft?

By joining the military after finishing high school.Or:If it is the US draft, don't worry about it. The US hasn't used the draft since the Vietnam War.

When was the military draft eliminated?

The US stopped the 'draft' (conscription) in 1973 .

What are the Military draft consequences if you dont go?

During the war, 4,000 US males were put into US Federal Prison for evading the military draft.

Why isn't the military draft against the 13 amendment?

The 13th Amendment guarantees freedom from slavery for all people and has nothing to do with a military draft. The US also does not use a military draft to date.

When was the last us military draft?

The Viet Nam War was the last time the draft was used.

Who did not like US in Vietnam war?

US Citizens facing the military draft.

Describe three reasons why the American public did not support Americas involvement in the Vietnam War?

The military draft. The military draft. And of course, the military draft. If people are NOT involved...they simply do not care. When they received that draft notice in the US Mail...they very suddenly cared!

When can the US draft men to the military?

Anytime the politicians vote for it.

Who made the military draft?

Lincoln and congress first orchestrated the nation's first military draft during the US Civil War (1861-1865). Vietnam (1861-1975) was the last military draft orchestrated by Nixon and congress.

What happened to the military after the US Civil War?

It reverted to an all volunteer military; the draft ended.

Can your only son be drafted into the military by the us?

There is no draft, the United States military is 100% volunteer.

Which us president stopped the military draft forced military service?

Nixon didn't stop the draft, he asked for and received an extension for it. The draft was stopped (or not renewed) by congress during Nixon's administration.

What US war was the military draft first used?

The US Civil War (1861-1865) was the first official draft for US Troops; The Vietnam War (1961-1975) was the last official draft for US Troops. The draft was ended by President Nixon.

Was there military draft in the Vietnam war?

There was a military draft in all major US wars of the 20th century. This discounts all US military operations (campaigns) after 1975, as well as the Philippine Surrection of 1900 and the pursuit of Poncho Villa in 1916.

Is there a law about a military draft in the US?

The draft was outlawed sometime in the late 60's or early 70's.

What do Men register for on their 18th birthday?

In the US they register for the military draft.

When could the US draft men to the military?

Anytime the politicians approve it.

How did the US ready its military economy and people for war?

They strengthed their army by creating a new military draft.

Is the price of a military cheaper with or without a military draft?

The military draft system is rather complex and involves tens of thousands of people throughout the US. If there is no draft, then advertising budgets for recruiting have to be much larger. It would be hard to compare, as the draft is needed when there is a vast need for large numbers of soldiers.

How did a military draft effect the United States?

when does military draft an effect?

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