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Virgin mobile phone came out in the 1990s. Virgin mobile phone is the subsidiary of the Virgin Group that has more than 400 companies in the world. The company is owned by Richard Branson.

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Ok...I'm not sure in virgin mobile has 4G capabilities as of right now (however it is possible that the virgin mobile wildfire does), there is a very strong possibility that virgin mobile will be receiving the HTC EVO 3d, which is a 4G phone. The phone is likely to come to virgin mobile US during the summer of 2012. -Hope this helped


Get the Sprint phone unlocked - replace the Sprint SIM with a Virgin Mobile SIM - and you're good to go.

i cant send picture messages to a virgin mobile phone from mu cricket wireless phone

i want to no because i need to get it in virgin mobile and i really like this phone :)

You can get a great price on a prepaid Virgin mobile phone by going to your local Virgin mobile retailer. Failing that, you can always try Amazon or eBay for a great deal.

You can buy a Virgin mobile phone at a good price from the Virgin mobile website. They offer Android, Blackberry and Apple devices, and are all sold at very good prices.

To take a Virgin Mobile off of safe mode, one would need to know the model of the phone. You may have to call the company for directions or take the phone to a Virgin mobile store and have it flashed.

Virgin Mobile is owned by Virgin Group owned by Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Mobile cell phones operate of T Mobile cell phone towers. There has been rumors that AT&T is to buy out T Mobile and incorporate it's customers into their network, but I am unsure as to whether or not Virgin Mobile customers would transfer over to Go Phone services.

One can purchase a prepaid Virgin mobile phone online from sites such as Virgin Mobile, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock, Target, Walmart, The Good Guys and eBay.

Virgin Mobile offers better calling plans than AT&T prepaid in my opinion.

Unlimited texting for Virgin mobile USA/CANADA would be 20$! BTW, you should get a virgin mobile phone! there really awesomeeee(:

Your Virgin Mobile phone won't work with Zong because it may require a short code. Virgin Mobile is best known for having prepaid cellular phones and does not work with different mobile payment websites.

How do you repair a virgin mobile phone that's turns on but can't see the screen

Yes there are places in the UK where Virgin mobile phones can be purchased. You can purchase a Virgin mobile phone at a Nokia store in UK. They also have a store that specifically sells Virgin mobile phones.

Virgin mobile phones are available at a lot of places now. One place that you check out more information about these phones is at

the virgin mobile x-tc is suppoesd to come out April 6

check the price features here in to unlock phone to virgin

Customers can call 789 from their Virgin Mobile phone to call Virgin Mobile UK. Other customers can call 0845 650 4500.

The difference between Virgin Mobile and Tracfone phones is minimal. The rates are slightly higher on Virgin Mobile phones then Tracfone but the quality on both is excellent.

In the old days, Virgin Mobile was arguably the least reliable of the prepaid phone carriers. Their phones were horrible and their coverage was even worse, making most people not even consider them to be a valid entrant to the cell phone market. However, over the past ten years, there has been a huge upswing in the quality of the Virgin Mobile phone service in both equipment and plan detail. Now, you can get the most up to date equipment on the market, and the data plans that come with a Virgin Mobile phone are quite simply unbeatable by any stretch.