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1928. Walt Disney did the voice of him until 1947.

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Why did Walt Disney make Mickey Mouse?

Walt Disney made mickey mouse because his original character Oswald the rabbit had no copyrights and was stolen so Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse

The one who make the Mickey Mouse character is who?

I think you mean Walt Disney. He created Mickey Mouse.

When did Walt Disney make Walt Disney?

Walt Disney didn't create Walt Disney; he was Walt Disney himself. He created Mickey Mouse and all the other famous characters around

How many Disney characters did Elias Walt Disney make?

Walt Disney has made hundreds of characters and his most famous is Mickey Mouse!

Did Walt Disney make mickey after he married?

Yes, Walt Disney married his wife, Lillian Bounds, in 1925 and created Mickey Mouse with Ub Iwerks in 1928.

How many characters did Walt Disney make?

he created hundreds of characters but his most famous is Mickey Mouse.

How did Walt Disney make up Mickey Mouse?

While he was riding a train, the design of Mickey Mouse just came to his head, and he drew it. Though, he is scared of mice.

What characters did Walt Disney make?

Walt Disney created the very famous cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck,Goofy and Pluto all by himself.

Did Oswald the Lucky Rabbit slowly develop into Mickey Mouse?

Oswald did not develop into Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was created after a man bought Oswald from Walt Disney and Walt was not able to make more cartoons of Oswald. The workers who worked for Walt were hired from the man who bought Oswald from Walt so Walt was all alone. Then he created another character called Mortimer Mouse. After he showed his wife his new creation, she said that Mortimer was not a good name for a mouse so she said a better name was Mickey Mouse. So Walt named the mouse Mickey Mouse but his original name is Mortimer Mouse.

Who make micky mouse?

Walt Disney

What cartoons did Walt Disney make?

Walt Disney created Micky Mouse and Steamboat Willy.

How much did Walt Disney make in his first year?

Walt Disney and the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (later Walt Disney Productions) constantly struggled to break even. Despite the popularity of Mickey Mouse, Disney was often in debt because he wanted to experiment with new animation technologies and longer films.

Why did people make Mickey Mouse?

Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse as a cartoon character. Mickey was one of the first cartoon characters, and his original name was Mortimer Mouse; however, Walt's wife felt that name was too pretentious and so he changed it to Mickey. The reason he was invented was, presumably, because Walt needed an income and felt this path would work for him.

Did Walt Disney make Minnie Mouse?

Of course he did!!

Why did Walt Disney make films?

becasue he came up with so many great ideas that he felt the need to create films around Disney princesses or mickey mouse.

What popular cartoonist has an amusement park in his name?

Walt Disney (Disneyland). I believe he was the first to draw and make the cartoon ("Steamboat Willie") of Mickey Mouse.

Who was the first person to make a Disney pin?

Mickey mouse

Who was the first man make micky mouse?

the walt disney was the first man to make micky mouse

How did Walt Disney get started inventing cartoons?

Walt Disney was put in jail for committing a crime I'm not sure of. After realizing his "true" friends weren't really his friends because no one visited him in jail. He was all alone. His only friend was a mouse Jo would always come to play with Walt. Disney began to doodle the mouse and promised himself he would make something big for that little mouse. And results came to be that he named the mouse mickey

Which character from one of the animated movies is used as a key logo for Disney and all of its theme parks?

That would be Mickey Mouse. While many Disney characters make cameo appearances here and there, I think it's safe to say that Mickey Mouse is the most recognized. He was the first real character that Walt Disney thought up. So he has become the symbol for everything Disney.

Where did Walt Disney get is Disney ideas from?

He saw a mouse in his home, and then he came up with an idea to make characters out of them.

What kind of history did Walt Disney make?

He made many TV icons and movies winning much awards, these include mickey mouse, snow white, goofy, and more.

When did the first Mickey Mouse episode premiere?

The first Mickey Mouse short premiere was November 18th, 1928. It was called, "Stemboat Willie." This short was remade shortly after though when Walt Disney discovered he could make sound cartoons and "Steamboat Willie" was made with sound.

How many years has Mickey Mouse been on Disney?

Mickey made his debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928. He was integral to the first Disney TV programs starting in 1954 with Walt Disney's Disneyland and The Mickey Mouse club in 1955. He has been a consistent fixture ever since then. As of 2017 that make it 89 years since he got started in film and 63 since he got started in TV (or 62 if you only want to start with the Mickey Mouse Club).

What impact did Walt Disney have on the Great Depression?

Walt Disneys animated short films, such as mickey mouse, made people feel good, and gave them hope that they somehow would make it through the Great Depression. After the stock market crashed and times were the worst, Walt made his first animated short: Mickey Mouse. This gave the idea that they would make it through, and in the 1930s when Walt made "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" it seemed to prove that idea.

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