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According to author, Dr. Mardy Grothe, the original quote was:

"We shape our dwellings,

and afterwards our dwellings shape us."

This intriguing observation comes from a speech Churchill made in the House of Commons on October 28, 1944. Churchill made the speech during the rebuilding of the House of Commons, which had sustained heavy bombing damage during the Battle of Britain. A 1960 Time magazine article provided a slightly different version (it's also possible Churchill said it in different ways on separate occasions): "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." Embedded in the observation is a profound architectural truth that applies to all buildings, public and private. In the beginning, buildings reflect the qualities of the people who design and construct them. Once built, the people who live and work in them take on the qualities of the buildings they inhabit.

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a pro is that he won   a con is that if they wouldnt of suceeded there whol country wouldnt have ben in great shape!

Why do most buildings take the shape of a rectangle?

Because the shape is sturdier, the shape makes it easy for the buildings to go high into the air and last because the shape makes it easier to go high into the air.

What shape are usual Moscow buildings?


Names of buildings that have a triangle shape?

They are pyramids

What is the shape of the church?

its like a steeple. Traditional Church buildings are often in the shape of a cross and frequently have a tower or a dome. Modern Church buildings have a variety of shapes

What name is given to the parliament buildings in Wellington because of its shape?


What is the definition of quadrangle?

A shape with four sides, usually between buildings.

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The strongest shape known is the circle, but you wouldn't find that in buildings. The second strongest shape is an equilateral triangle which is used in buildings and bridges. Squares and rectangles are also commonly used

What are the uses of a cuboid in everyday life?

the shape of a cuboid can be used in designing buildings.

Why do buidings use triangles?

buildings use triangles because they nned to shape the roof

What is the definition of the word dome?

an oval or parentheses like shape on buildings such as the dome of the rock

What is the use of cuboid in every day life?

the shape of cuboid can be used in designing buildings

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By WWII he had a little pot belly. But he was nearly seventy years old. He looks to have been in pretty good shape when he was young. He was a war correspondent during the Boer War, was captured, and escaped and made his way across some astoundingly vast distance on foot to reach British lines.

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Assuming this is asking about buildings, most Anglican churches are in the shape of a Christian cross when seen from above. The word for this is cruciform.

How can get more reputation points on john deere harvest in the heartland?

buy more buildings and keep them in good shape

Compare and Contrast pyramids and mastabas?

Mastabas were flat platform like buildings and the pyramids were in the obvious shape of the geometric pyramid

Where does the New Zealand parliament meet?

In the Wellington Parliamentary Buildings, normally called the Beehive, because of it's unusual shape.

What shapes can granite be?

Granite can be made into any shape! For example, If it came from nature, It would look really rocky because of erosion. There is no exact shape for a granite. Buildings are sometime made of granite.

What is the physical characteristics for Ottawa Ontario?

It is has many governmental buildings, forests, and is tend to be known as a bath tub because it is a shape of a bath tub

How do you Survive Under Siege?

You destroy as many unnecessary buildings as possible to make room for farmland and make certain the walls stay in good shape.

What does a cuboid in geometry mean?

A cuboid is a box shaped object where one of the sides is a rectangle or cube shape. It is made up of all right angles and the shape is most commonly used for building materials, boxes, storage and buildings.

Why does architecture of different places differ from each other?

architecture of ancient time depends upon the kingdom of that place. for example during the mughal period the architecture of the buildings differ from the other like a semicircle shape on the top.similarliy pallavas costructed gopurams for every honoured building. delhi sultans built the buildings with christmas tree shape like ceiling for the buildings. this feature is common for most of the hindu kingdoms in modern times the architecture varies based on the expenditure, land, necessity,type of building required and their desire.

What can be done to reduce the damage caused by tsunamis?

One thing you could do is to improve buildings by making them triangle shape so that it has a wide surface area at the bottom or we can build one storied buildings so that they cant topple over. :)

Is there a shape called a Quadrangle?

Yes- it is also called a quadrilateral or tetragon, although in non-mathematical usage, a quadrangle or quad is a rectangular open place surrounded by walls or buildings.

What happens when air passes in between tall buildings?

It depends on several factors, including the shape of the buildings and the direction of the wind. Very generally speaking, the air near the surfaces of the building will slow down, due to drag and resulting turbulent flow, and that farthest from the building(s) will move the fastest.