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When did World War I and two start and end?

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WW1 is 1914 to 1918 It started in 1939 and ended in 1945 ( WW2 )

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When did world WAR 2 start and end for America?

world war two started on December 8th 1941 and ended on October 16, 1946

When did the natzie war start and end?

You might be referring to World War II . World War two lasted from September 1939 to July 1945 on the German Front

When was World War I and 2?

World War One was from nineteen fourteen to nineteen eighteen. World War Two was around from the nineteen thirties to the fifties, depending on definitions of start and end dates.

What is the only ship to be at pearl harbor and witness the end of the war?

the only ship to witness the start and the war and of world war two is the USS ORGAN

Who was Australia's prime minister at the end of the war?

At the end of World war one and two, was John Curtin. At the end of World war one and two, the prime minister was John Curtin

Why did the end of World War 2 lead to the cold war?

The end of world war two lead to the start of the cold war because Russia (USSR) wanted to invade other countries in the east and was creating nuclear weapons which were being aimed at America (USA).

Did Hitler start world war 2 or 1?

World War Two in Europe

How did world was two start?

The end of World War 1 prepared the way for World War 2, but the actual war started by Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939. Great Britain and France had a pact with Poland, and they declared war on Germany. It went from there.

What year did the World war two end?


Where did World War two end?

Nagasaki, Japan

When did wourld war two start?

this id as crazy as billie ellish

Why did World War war 2 start?

world war two was started because of the assisination of Archduke Ferdinand in Serbia

Who was the president at the end of World War two?

Harry Truman

Two results of the treaty Versailles?

The end of World War I. It served as fuel for the beginning of World War II.

How did the end world war two caused the cold war?

The atom bomb caused the cold war.

When did the 3rd world war start?

There has not yet been a third world war. Only two world wars have been fought.

Was World War 1 known as the war to end all wars?

yes and also the Great war before World War two then it became known as World War one.

A country that split in two at the end of world war 2?


How was Germany divided at the end of world war 2?

into two parts

What was the American dream dream in the 1930s?

for world war two to end

What is the country that split in two at the end of world war 2?


How did World War two end in japan?

they got nuked, surrendered

Who were the two superpowers at the end of world war ll?

the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.

When did Hitler start killing Jewish people?

in world war two

Which were the two countries to start World War 2?

Germany and Japan.