Laura Ingalls Wilder

When did almonzo die?

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Almanzo died in 1949 at the age of 92.

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What was Almonzo middle name?

Almonzo James Wilder

How did almonzo wilder die?

2 heart attacks at 92 JFGI

How many children did Laura and almonzo wilder have?

Laura and Almonzo had 2 kids. a daughter rose and a son that died days after his birth.

What year was almonzo wilder born?


What was Alonzo's sisters name on little house on the prairie?

Almonzo Wilder really had two sisters; Alice and Eliza Jane. Eliza Jane stayed with Almonzo in a bit of the show.

What year did Laura Ingalls Wilder meet Almonzo wilder?


Who were Almonzo Wilder sisters?

He had 3 sisters. Laura, Eliza Jane and Alice.

What year did Laura Ingalls Wilder marry almonzo?

In 1885, August 25th to be exact.

When is Laura Ramsey married and with who married?

she was engaged at the age of 17 and married at the age of 18 and was married by Almonzo

How many years were Laura Ingalls Wilder and her husband almonzo wilder married for?

Laura and Almanzo were married for 64 years.

What was the age difference between Laura Ingalls and Almonzo Wilder on the show Little House on the Prairie?

It was 10 years, just as in the real life story.

Did Almonzo Wilder get married to anyone before he got married to Laura Ingalls Wilder?

he was not married before he got married to Laura Ingalls Wilder

What episode did Almonzo start to like Laura in Little House on the Prairie?

He started to like her as a woman in the episode Sweet Sixteen, when Laura gets her first job as a teacher.

What is the name of the movie when Almonzo Wilder proposes to Laura Ingalls?

Almonzo proposes to Laura in the movie "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not". It aired in two parts, the first being shown on May 5, 1980 and the second on May 12, 1980. He marries her in another series of episodes. "Laura Ingalls Wilder" part one aired on September 20, 1980, and part two aired on September 29, 1980.

What is the episode of Little House on the Prairie when Charles punches almonzo?

"Back to School" also, Almanzo punches a poor boy for "making advances towards Laura" in "Sweet Sixteen"!

When did Laura ingalls meet almonzo wilder?

Initially, she met him while looking for a shortcut through the Big Slough with her sister Carrie. Almanzo was cutting and hauling slough hay with his brother Roy.

What was Laura Ingalls Wilder hardship?

Laura's books tell that her family suffered drought, bugs, and lack of food, provisions, and money. When Laura was married, she and Almonzo also faced drought and financial trouble.

What dress did Laura Ingalls wear?

Laura ware a long silk dress to her wedding with Almonzo.The dress had lace flowers on itMade by Alaster ShaineThe correct answer is Laura Ingalls Wilder wore a black dress she made herself.

Did luara ingall have kids?

Yes, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder gave birth to Rose Wilder and a short while later an anonymous son. This son, however, died soon after his birth, and Laura and Almonzo had no more children afterward.

How much older was Almonzo than Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Almanzo was ten years older than Laura, but she aged him down a little in her books to make them look closer in age. Her stated reason for this was that she despised being thought of as a "child bride".

How did Laura ingals WILDER meet almonzo wilder?

Almanzo is first mentioned in By the Shores of Silver Lake although they do not meet until the beginning of The Long Winter when she and her sister Carrie, stumble out of the slough onto his and his brother's farm. He gives her directions back to her Pa's farm. They later run into each other regularly in Little Town on the Prairie.

Where Laura and Almanzo farm at?

After Laura and Almonzo wed, they settled in homestead near Laura's own Ma and Pa (Charles and Caroline) in the town De Smut Dakota. When their daughter Rose was between seven and twelve, they traveled by wagon back East to Missouri the Land of the Big Red Apple, with another family. They brought with them a precious one hundred dollar bill that Laura and Almonzo had worked hard to acquire and used this buy a farm and settle in Missouri. They eventually built a beautiful white house to live in in place of there log cabin, and this is where I believe Laura lived until her death. A bit of information I can also recall is that Laura would never let a fence be constructed around her house, so it was only until after her death that one was put up.

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