When did animation began?

Animation began when humans began to imagine conveying messages to others.
There are paleolithic cave paintings depicting various animals with multiple sets of legs, clearly attempting to display motion.
Leonardo Da Vinci drew human anatomy in different positions, indicating motion.
Zoetropes from China, circa 180 A.D, used a lamp to produce rising heat to spin a lampshade, actually depicting motion.
The magic lantern, from the 16th Century A.D. is a rudimentary projector.
El Apostol was the first animated feature film, made in 1917 in Argentina, although 1908 brought us Fantasmagorie from France.
1926 brought Germany's Lotte Reiniger, together with the French/Hungarian Berthold Bartosch to direct the silhouette-animated Adventures of Prince Achmed.
The introduction of cel animation in Walt Disney's 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is thought by many to be the first feature-length animated film due to its wide popularity.