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When did color TV become popular in homes?

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2008-01-22 18:38:21

Color TV didn't come out until the late 50's. And at that time,

most programs were in black and white so it didn't make much

difference. One of the first color programs in color was the

western, Bonanza. Followed by The World of Disney and then color

programming grew from there.

Personally, we got our first color TV in the early sixties (A

Zenith). It weighed a ton because of the huge power transformers

and it seemed like every 90 days or so it required a service call

to have someone come out to test and change the vacuum tubes that

were getting weak. The colors would smear, get blurry, etc.

It really wasn't until transistors were used in TV's that they

became less of a service nightmare and expense to own and operate.

The old tube sets also ate up the juice, coming in around 360 watts

of power consumption.

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