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Color TV didn't come out until the late 50's. And at that time, most programs were in black and white so it didn't make much difference. One of the first color programs in color was the western, Bonanza. Followed by The World of Disney and then color programming grew from there.

Personally, we got our first color TV in the early sixties (A Zenith). It weighed a ton because of the huge power Transformers and it seemed like every 90 days or so it required a service call to have someone come out to test and change the vacuum tubes that were getting weak. The colors would smear, get blurry, etc.

It really wasn't until transistors were used in TV's that they became less of a service nightmare and expense to own and operate. The old tube sets also ate up the juice, coming in around 360 watts of power consumption.

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When did TV become popular in homes?

In the 1950's.

What year did TV become color?

early 1950s tv becoam3e popular

When did TV Remotes become popular in homes?

Remote controlled TVs have been around since the late 1970s, although not common. Remotes began to become common place in the 1980s, and by the mid to late 80s, almost all TVs came with a remote.

When did the television become commonly used?

The television became commonly used in the 1950's, although not everyone could afford it at the time. After that, it switched to color, and now there are televisions in the homes of almost every American family.

When did reality television programs become popular?

40's reality tv start and in 90's it become popular.

How long has color tv been around?

color TV has been around ruffly since the 1970's that makes ruffly 40 to 50 years <><><> In the US, the first color broadcast was the Tournament of Roses parade in 1954, but color TV did not become popular until the late 1960s.

When did TV become common in homes?

In the late 2010's

Why TV program become popular?

Funny and sexy t.v programs become popular.

When did most American homes have a TV?

Television became popular in the 1940's and a lot of Americans began to have television sets in their homes. During the later 1940's and 1950's the majority of the population had at least one television set in their homes.

When did TV become color?

color tv dident come out until late 20's

When did cartoons become popular?

Cartoons were always popular whether the venue was theater or television . Cartoons became ever more popular with the introduction of the television into most homes where an entire generation of children were exposed to cartoons such as Bugs Bunny , Woody the Woodpecker , Popeye the Sailorman , Betty Boop and others .

What year did TV become popular?

TV become popular in the 1950s. TV has been availed into the markets in the early 20s but only very few people had shown interest.

When did reality tv become popular?


Was the television the popular appliance in 1950?

yes it was. It was somthing almost all American homes had.

Which of these consumer goods first become popular in the 1950s?

Appliances television

How did televisions improve?

With the advance of electronic technology. 1948 - 1 million TV's in US 1956 - First remote control 1964 - Color television introduced in US. 1972 - 50% of homes have color TV's 1973 - Giant screen TV first marketed 1988 - 98% of homes have at least one TV.

What did most American homes have at the end of the twentieth century that they did not have before 1945?

Most American homes had televisions at the end of the twentieth century. They did not have televisions in homes before 1945. Telephones also became more popular around the same time.

What exact year did television become avaiable?

Black and white television was in homes at least by the mid 1950's--maybe earlier.

Why do you think television is a top modern invention?

Television is important because people like to be entertain. Since television allows them to be entertained in the comfort of their homes, it is a popular option.

When did television become available?

The television itself had been around for a few years but the big explosion of TV in homes began after the Second World War in the 1950s.

Were tv programs made in color before the color TV made appearance in homes?

Yes, they were. That's why some old TV programs said explicitly "In living color!" at the beginning of the show; to make people want to buy a color TV. In fact, the NBC Peacock symbol was there for the same reason; each of the peacock's feathers were a different color. If you only had a black and white TV, the peacock was showing you what you were missing.

In what decade television became popular?

While televisions were available in the 1930s, the popularity only increased drastically in homes during the late 1940s to the 1950s.

When TV become popular in the US?

In the late forties, circa l947 commercial TV hit its stride!

What year did the color television come out for the public to watch?

Color television came on the market in the early 1950's, but it did not become widely used until 1965.

Popular tv show in 1930s?

There was no 'broadcast' television as we know it, in the 1930's. It was for the most part, still in the inventors' hands (and minds.) Modern television did not become affordable and popular until the 1950's.