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When did communion start?

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Communion started just before Jesus' death in the Upper Room before they went to the Garden of Gethsemane. It is done in our churches and elsewhere to remember what Jesus did for us until He comes again.

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What are communion favors?

Communion favors are little nick-nacks that people can purchase to have sitting around during someones taking of communion. They are also little gifts that can be given after someone reaches the proper age when it becomes appropraite to start partaking in communion with other parishoners at your local church.

What words in the Bible start with the letter c?

Communion, Christ, Charity, Compassion

Taking your Holy Communion?

Catholics do not take communion, they receive communion.

What does it mean to take communion?

To 'take communion' is a Protestant term. Catholics 'receive' communion. Communion is a gift from Christ and to be received and not taken.

Catholic but in communion with Rome?

That is a redundancy. If you are a Catholic you are in communion with Rome. If you are not in communion with Rome, you are not a Catholic.

Can non-catholics receive communion?

They can't because they have not recieved Holy Communion. You need to have Baptism and Holy Communion to recieve Communion.

Is the Communion reflection the same as the Prayer after Communion?

Catholic AnswerNo, the Prayer after Holy Communion is in the Missal. The Communion "reflection" is something that the priest is making up.

What is a communion table used for?

Communion presumably.

Why do you take Holy Communion?

'Taking communion' is a Protestant phrase. In the Catholic Church it is 'receiving Communion.'

Should the word communion be capitalized?

When talking about Holy Communion, then yes. If you are talking about a communion as a group, then no.

Do Christadelphians practice open or closed communion?

I believe they practice closed communion.

When did monthly communion start?

Various churches decided for convenience sake to adopt this tradition. The Bible says, " often as you come together", so the custom of monthly communion is just that...a custom. There is no Biblical basis for this custom.

Do you have to be baptized to take communion?

Catholics do not 'take' communion, they 'receive' communion. Yes, you must be a baptized Catholic to receive communion in a Catholic Church. Also, you must have undergone instruction and received your First Holy Communion.

Who can receive communion in the Lutheran Church?

any confirmed member of the Lutheran Church can partake in communion. typically the Lutheran church does not do open communion.

What year did the Catholic Church start serving wine at Communion?

About the year 33 AD at the Last Supper. However, it was largely abandoned until Vatican II encouraged communion under both species - bread and wine.

Can you take Holy Communion if you sinned?

Nobody can "take" Holy Communion, they may only "receive" Holy Communion from a priest, deacon, or Extraordinary Minister. To receive Holy Communion in a state of sin is extremely dangerous to the point where St. Paul warned specifically about it. To receive the Body of Christ while in a state of mortal sin is itself a mortal sin and an act of sacrilege. Everyone who wishes to receive Holy Communion on a regular basis should start with making a habit of regular confession.

Why do you need to do communion in the workplace?

Communion means reconciliation with one another and with God.So every place can be the place of communion.

How do you spell communion?

That is the correct spelling of "communion" (a meeting or joining together). It is capitalized when it applies to the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

What is the name of communion recieved by the dying?

Viaticum is the communion of the dying.

Can you receive communion a church service if you have not received First Communion?


When was Bass Communion I created?

Bass Communion I was created in 1995.

Do Quakers take communion?

No Quakers don't take communion.

can a woman serve communion?

Yes, a woman can serve Communion.

When was Songs for Communion created?

Songs for Communion was created in 2005.

When was Anglican Communion created?

Anglican Communion was created in 1867.