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Well, Cotton garments became popular around the 1750's. I am not quite positive. But I am writing a paper on it and that is the only time period that I have on the notes I have!

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Q: When did cotton garments become popular?
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Why are cotton garments popular in summer?

· Cotton is comfortable as it is a cool fibre allowing it to breathe easily. o · Highly absorbent, so it quickly absorbs perspiration · Cotton fibres are relatively strong and become even stronger when wet · Cotton can be ironed with a hot iron · Cotton garments retain shape due to the fibre's inelasticity · Resistant to alkalis therefore strong detergents can be used · Not easily damaged by sunlight · Hydrophilic [likes water], so it is dyed easily · Abrasion resistance is moderate

Do cotton garments have air spaces?


Why are chemicals finishes used on cotton garments?

Chemical finishes are used on cotton garments for multiple reasons; these include removing the natural wax and fiber impurities and making the cotton stronger and less abrasive.

Why do you think cotton garments are so popular in Australia particularly in summertime?

Maybe because they are light, comfy, they absorb perspiration and are cool for the weather?

Pakistan top 3 Export brands?

Cotton, Rice, Garments

What material are liposuction garments made out of?

Most liposuction garments are made out of spandex to help with the stretching of the skin. Some are made out of cotton as well.

Why cotton garment cannot keep us a warm in winter as a woolen sweater does?

As woolen are hotter than cotton garments.

What are the traditional gifts for the first wedding anniversary?

cotton/cotton materials: garments,bed sheets,handkerchief,socks,shirts.dress etc all made from cotton.

An open-weave cotton fabric used for stiffening garments?


What is the name of an open weave cotton fabric used for stiffening garments?


What is Fusing in garments?

Fusing means to join two pieces of garments together. When garments are fused together, they become more supported and stabilized.

Why a cotton garments cannot keep us as warm in winter as a woolen sweater does?


How you can become a garments merchandiser?

about thread information

What is use of cotton?

Long-staple cotton is for better-quality fabrics. Short-staple cotton is for cheap garments, sheets, blankets and a mass of other goods for which there was a limtless market in 1861. The South was growing short-staple cotton.

Is cotton durable?

Yes, it is very durable and also cheap. It is therefore a very useful material for garments.

What are some insulaters of heat?

air,wool garments, plastic foam cups,rubber,wood,cotton

What helped cotton become the largestcash crop in the south before the civil war?

The invention of the cotton-gin - able to speed-up the production of short-staple cotton, used for popular cheap goods like blankets.

What type of clothes do you take to the amazon rainforest?

Cotton garments are the best - long sleeve shirts, buttoned at the wrist, cotton socks and underwear and light jeans. Cotton because it absorbs moisture and remains cool.

How was cotton fabric invented?

Cotton was first produced thousands of years ago by the inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilization. Since then cotton has become popular in making different items, particularly clothing. Cotton fabrics come in all different ways and is rather inexpensive.

Why did sectionalism become present between the north and south?

From about 1800, when the cotton-gin enabled huge volumes of short-staple cotton to be turned into popular goods like blankets and shawls.

Why can some pure cotton garments be tumble dried while others can't?

Because they have been pre-shrunk

What do the letters DTG stand for?

DTG stands for "direct to garment". It is a type of printing using a modified inkjet print directly onto textiles and garments. Most DTG printing is done on garments made of cotton.

What do fairies wear?

Most of the creatures do without clothes all together, the exceptions being:brownies, who wear clothing made of burlap, and rough cotton;elves, who wear garments of refined cotton and hemp;dwarves and gnomes who wear clothes of heavy cotton and burlap;pixies and sprites wear plant litter;fairies wear garments woven from spider webs and thistle down.

Why did the south become the worlds greatest cotton producer?

Eli Whitney's invention, the cotton gin, helped the south to become the world's greatest cotton producer. The cotton gin pulled the seeds out of the cotton boll, allowing cotton to be processes at a rapid pace.

Is cotton wearable?

Yes, cotton is wearable. Cotton is the name of the fibre used to create fabrics and these fabrics are used to create garments which you can wear.Cotton is a good conductor of heat so they will be comfortable to wear during warm/hot weather but are also suitable to wear in cold weather.