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Q: When did dortor discoveded the whooping coungh?
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When is dortor who starting?

17.45 last night

Who discoveded technology?

TECHNOLOGY is not discovered, It is subject to developments & upgradations done by motivated Institutions, Organizations & Persons.

Why is a whooping crane called a whooping crane?

It is due to the whooping sound they sometimes make.

What shape is whooping cough?

the shape of whooping cough

How deadly is whooping cough?

Whooping cough can be deadly, but it is not very likely.

Is a whooping crane a producer?

yes i think that a whooping crane is a producer

How tall is a whooping crane?

A whooping crane is about 5 feet tall.

What adaptations does the whooping crane have?

The adaptation for the Whooping Crane is each specie.

How do prenent whooping cough?

How to prevent whooping cough? There's a vaccine for that.

Prevention of whooping cough?

In the UK all children are immunized agains whooping cough in their childhood immunisations therefore preventing whooping cough.

Where in the world does whooping cough occur?

Every where in the world you will find whooping cough.

Whooping cranes belong to what family?

The scientific family of the whooping crane is Gruidae.

Why are you in pain with whooping cough?

You are in pain with the whooping cough because your parents did not get you vaccinated.

Medical name for whooping caugh?

The medical name for Whooping Cough is Pertussis.

What predators do whooping cranes have?

Wolves & Bald eagles are The Whooping Cranes predators.

Whooping cough a bacterium?

When a child has a whooping cough a microbe called a bacterium causes the whooping cough. (If your child has a whooping cough (bacterium) go and see a doctor.)(answered by a 11 year old.)Borditella pertussis

Can i go to jail for whooping your child?

can u go to jail for whooping ur child

Which ecosystems are the whooping cranes found in?

whooping cranes live in freshwater marshes and swamps

Use whooping cough in a sentence?

We were up all night with a baby who has the whooping cough.

Which orginisations help Whooping crane?

WWF and bird life help the Whooping crane.

What is the wingspan of the Whooping Crane?

The whooping Crane has a wingspan up to 2.5 metres wide.

Are whooping crane warm blooded or cold blooded?

Whooping crane are cold bloodedThe Whooping Crane are cold-blooded vertebrates that have skin covered in scale

How can you help protect whooping cranes?

Some people buy land where whooping cranes come torest . But some people find whooping cranes' eggs and raise them as their on.

What are you supposed to do when your mom whoops you?

just say '' mom why are you whooping me '' and wait for the anwser that tells you why she is whooping you

What is being done to save whooping cranes?

Websites are set up to save whooping cranes.