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Most historians generally accept the starting date for the war as 1961.

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Q: When did each country start fighting in Vietnam?
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What countries were fighting each other in Vietnam war?

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

Did Eisenhower Kennedy and Johnson all aprrove of the US backing the South Vietnamese in their civil war?

A civil war is ONE country fighting with itself; such as the US Civil War (America was fighting itself). Vietnam was never one country until it won the war in 1975. Two separate nations were created in 1954; a NORTH and a SOUTH Vietnam. TWO separate nations were fighting against each other in Vietnam-A North and a South.

Iraq compared to Vietnam?

No nation, including the US is at war with the country of Iraq. Iraq is simply a nation that needs law, order, and stability restored to it. The US was bombing the nation of North Vietnam. The Army and Air Force of North Vietnam was fighting the US Air Force/US Navy in the air, and fighting the US Army/US Marine Corps on the ground. Two nations were at war with each other.

When did the Vietnam civil war begin between the North and the South?

There was a NORTH Vietnam and a SOUTH Vietnam, and they fought each other, the normal starting date used by many historians is 1961. However, North and South Vietnam were separate nations. They were never just one Nation called VIETNAM until 1975. Consequently, this was no civil war. A civil war is ONE country fighting itself.

What is each Call of Duty about?

Fighting in the Iraq War, World War 2 or The Vietnam War.

What advantage did the M-16A1 give the soldiers in the Vietnam war?

In Vietnam, for the first time in US history each and every US fighting man possessed a fully automatic rifle. During WWII, each and every US fighting man possessed a semi-automatic rifle (the M1 Garand).

How is the Vietnam war portrayed in movies?

The Vietnam War is portrayed in a number of different films. In each, the war is depicted as consistently brutal and emotionally traumatizing to the people fighting in it.

Why Did the french and Spanish start fighting?

the french and Spanish start fighting because they were two colonies who didn't like each other and fought all the time

How did the Allies adapt to different fighting situations in World War 2?

Each country had its own culture and own way of fighting. The allied troops seemed to be capable of adapting to different techniques of fighting that each country brought on. Each battle they had to improve themselves quickly in order to win.

Why were those countries fighting in the Vietnam war?

Basically, the Vietnamese sides, north and south, each had allies and supporters. These allies joined with the troops in Vietnam. The US was on the side of the south. They lost.

Why did north Vietnam defeat south Vietnam?

North Vietnam has NEVER defeated south Vietnam! They didn't even fight with each other. They are two parts of one country. Where did you get that kind of information??

Why did gangs start fighting?

Cuz they hate each other

Why did the french start fighting the spanish?

the french and Spanish start fighting because they were two colonies who didn't like each other and fought all the time

At what age should you separate fighting roosters?

You should separate a fighting rooster by the age of 8-12 months or when they start fighting each other.

What are people from the same country fighting against each other called?

Civil War.

Why did the French and the Indians fight?

If you are talking about the French and Indian War... then it wasn't the French and Indians fighting each other... it was the British and Colonist fighting the French and Indians (Hurons).. Remember in America most wars are named after the country or people we are fighting... ^^ such as Korean War we were fighting the North Koreans... the Vietnam War we fought the Vietnamese I would like to add... that my answer to you is for elementary students... if you are a high school student it gets a little more technical.. since there are Native Americans (Indians) fighting on both sides.

How long did the war last and during which years did fighting take place in the Vietnam war specific dates?

There's 365 days in a year, the US military entered South Vietnam in 1955 under the Eisenhower would take an almanac for EACH YEAR to list the dates/places of fighting.

What was the financial cost of the Vietnam War to each participating country?

The former "North" Vietnam, now just Vietnam, may never fully disclose it's financial cost of the war. And if they do, the data will most likely have to be cross-referrenced (as everyone's figures should be, in order to obtain accurate statistics). South Vietnam has not existed for over 30 years; it's records are probably questionable. The financial cost to the US, has been ESTIMATED at approximately Seven hundred billion dollars, at today's currency rate for fighting in the Vietnam War.

How much money was spent in Vietnam by each country?

For the United States, the Vietnam War has been estimated to have cost about $700 Billion dollars, at today's prices.

Where did the Vietnam war happened?

in vietnam. South vn and north vn were fighting..... vn=vietnamThere were bombing each other and kids and dads were dying

Are fighting fish good pets?

it depends Chinese fighting fish should never be put to gether if the start fighting they may only be fish but they can kill each other

How is the Vietnam War combat the same as the Iraq War combat?

Dictionary Definition: "Police Action"; "...localized military action by regular armed forces...against guerillas, INSURGENTS, etc. violating international peace and order." Iraq has a "WANTED" list of people. These individuals are to be arrested, or taken, Dead or Alive, by the US and/or Coalition Forces. As Saddam had been arrested, tried in a court of law, then executed. He was NOT protected by any laws of war. Actions such as currently ongoing in Iraq have occurred (by US Forces) in: The Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) in the 1960's; The Philippine Insurrection in 1900 (which was bloodier than the Spanish-American War of 1898 which spawned it; and lasted longer); and the "Banana Wars" in Central & South America in the 1920's. The US is NOT at war with Iraq. There is NO government to negotiatate with. There is NO flag to capture nor one to surrender. The US is NOT fighting another country. The US is NOT fighting another Air Force. The US is NOT fighting another Navy The US is NOT fighting another (Regular Standing) Army. The mission in Iraq is to restore law & order, and stabilization to the country. WWI, WWII, Korea, & Vietnam were fought AGAINST other country(s) which had governments to communicate with. To seek either peace or surrender. WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam had Air To Air Combat involving each nation's AIR FORCE's. Each nation's Army fought each other. Each nation's Navy's fought each other. Each nation's government had communications with each other.

What will happen if the US and Russia start fighting against each other?

Then World war 3 will start if they started to fight.

What was the role of each country involved in the Vietnam War?

Besides the US; Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines sent COMBAT units to Vietnam.

What is it called for people from the same country fighting against each other?

a civil war