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When did elephants come to America?

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Elephants were brought to America in the 19th century by man to exhibit in Zoos. There are no wild elephants in America.

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Where did elephants come from?

elephants come from china

Are there any elephants in America?

There are many in zoos and circuses. There are no wild elephants in America.

Where do most elephants come from?

Elephants come from Asia and Africa.

Are there elephants in central or South America?

Only in zoos. Elephants are not indigenous in South America.

Are there such things as American elephants?

yes their are american elephants in america but there are other kinds of elephants too!

What is Latin America different from America?

elephants are purple

Do elephants live in America?

Not in the wild.

Who has the biggest poop in America?


Are elephant found in North America?

elephants are found in north america

Are american elephants endangered?

Elephants aren't native to America, so there isn't a specie of American Elephants. What you have are African or Asian/Indian Elephants, living in America. Not the same thing. Endangerment is about the animals in their natural environment, not about animals in zoos, circuses or other artificial settings.

What animal comes in the African and Indian varieties?

elephants come in african and indian varieties you can get african elephants and indian elephants.

What countries do elephants come from?


Do elephants come out in summer?


Do most elephants come from Africa?

Yes, there are more African than Asian elephants.

Where do elephants come from?

Elephants are native to both India and Africa. Elephants are incredibly smart and can remember anything, even if they have seen you before!

What do American elephants weigh?

There is no "American elephant" since elephants only come from Asia and Africa.

Where do Asian elephants come from?

India and Burma

What is preventing elephants to be come extinct?

it sinks

Where do carbon atoms come from that are found in soot?

Elephants only! Elephants and sometimes fish, and that's all they do.

What Continents do elephants come from?

Elephants live in Africa and Asia. Two species live in Africa and on in Asia. Up until the mammoths died out 10,000 years ago, members of the elephant order lived in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

What country do elephants live in?

India and, Africa... not south America

What Beasts of burden are native to south America?

monkeys and elephants

Do elephants come out at night or during the day?

They only come out during the day .

What animals don't come in pairs?

elephants, and garrafes don't come you do hotty!

Can elephants breathe underwater?

No. Elephants have lungs designed to breathe air just as we have. They can swim, but have to come up for air.