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Voting has never been and most likely never will be an universal right.

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Do the secret service vote for president?

They can vote in the election. like everybody else.

What is the difference between popular vote for a senator and electoral vote vote for president?

the popular vote is by everybody. the electoral vote is by electoral colleges, which not everyone is in

Who can vote in now Athens?

everybody exept for children

Can everybody vote in Iran?

It's Iran what do you think?

Should women be allowed to vote?

Women should be allowed to vote because everybody is equal.

Can everybody vote for president?

Yes as long as you're eighteen or older

Why did Abraham Lincoln want women to vote?

he thought everybody was equal

What role do citizens play in government?

You can vote in The USA but not everybody has that basic right.

How many people think women should vote?

Pretty much everybody

What does the word popular election mean?

It means an election that everybody has a chance to vote in.

What are the release dates for Everybody Loves Raymond - 1996 A Vote for Debra 6-20?

Everybody Loves Raymond - 1996 A Vote for Debra 6-20 was released on: USA: 25 March 2002

What is the secret to making a good speech to make every body vote for you as a studant reprasentive?

putting in what everybody would like to make them vote for you

When the world ends is everybody going todie?

If the world ends, everybody would probably die.

What does universal suffrage mean?

This term means literally that everybody can vote. Practically it means all adult citizens who are not barred from voting by past crimes can vote provided they are properly registered to vote.

What does free and fair elections mean?

Everybody who wants to vote and who is eligible under the law to vote, is allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice without threat or compulsion. People who are not eligible to vote (such as non-citizens, or those criminals who lose their right to vote) are not allowed to vote. Every vote is counted once, and accurately tabulated.

What does everybody mean?

everybody means every person in the world or in the room

When was Everybody Wants to Rule the World created?

Everybody Wants to Rule the World was created on 1985-03-18.

Why is it better to vote secret ballot then publicly?

When you vote publicly, you might be influenced by seeing what everyone else is voting for. By voting secretly, everybody votes whatever they really believe.

Do everybody in the world hate their parents?


Does everybody in the world have zodiac sign?


Why do African Americans vote in record turnouts for a black president but can't vote in regular elections?

Because black people are considered " bruhs". They support each other but not everybody else.

Why does everybody like the Rugby World Cup?

Not everybody likes it. Lots do, because it is a good sport.

Who named World War 2?


How do you save a world on everybody edits?

Well you can't save the world on everybody edits cause its just a game where you can build and do other peoples maps:)

How did the woman's vote in Australia effect the whole world?

first to get the right to vote

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