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It started at 1940 may 9th

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Which country did fair trade start at?


Why did fair trade start?

to avoid exploitation of people

What country did fair trade start in?

It started in London

When did fair-trade start and what was the first product to sell?

fair trade started in Germany and the first thing to sell was Mexican coffe

Where did fair trade start?

i am not sure but i think it is the netherelands (holand)

Where has the best fair trade?

where has the fair trade does not make sense but where is the best fair trade is right and there is no best fair trade

Why is fair trade called fair trade?

Fair Trade is called Fair Trade because we give something of ours and they give something of thiers which is trade and the trade is fair so we call it fair trade. so we are trading fairly

How do you know if a product is Fair Trade?

u will find the fair trade simble and thats haw u can tell if its fair trade and if is no fair trade simble its not fair trade

Why did poverty start?

because people weren't doing fair trade

Advantage of fair trade?

what are the advantage of fair trade?

When did fair-trade start?

Fair-trade began in the 1940s. It started in the United States when Ten Thousand Villages began buying needlework from Puerto Rico in 1946.

Is organic clothing fair trade?

yes its fair trade

Are ugg boots fair trade?

yes, they are fair trade.

Who is the fair of camel trade?

Pushkar is the fair of camel trade.

Does Jamaica do fair trade?

They do fair trade its the africains that dont

Is Kellogg's a fair trade?

They are not certified with a Fair Trade branding.

Is fair trade organic?

No, fair trade may not be organic.

Is Samsung fair trade?

no samsung is not a fair trade supporter

Why is fair trade not fair?

It is fair weirdo

What date did fair trade start?

i dont know when it started precicely but i think it was 1940

Is chocolate fair trade always fair and why?

No, because there are implicit costs to the chocolate trade fair

What does fair stand for in fair trade?

A: The "fair" in fair trading is "Making poverty history" would that not be fair. Find out more by googling "Global fair trade".

What is the origination of fair trade chocolate?

See Fair Trade Act

Is thorntons a fair trade company?

No, Thorntons are not a fair trade company.

Which celebrities support fair trade?

Cebries that surport fair trade