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It all began in the 12th century A.D. when Sir Romulus III was walking to his weekly game of badmitten. On this particular day, Sir Romulus opted to take a shortcut through the Pennywinkle Forest. Hiding beneath a patch of bush beside the path, a derelict lay performing a handjob on himself (which was known as "priming the Pope" in those days. Well, Sir Romulus was not minding the path when he tripped over a root growing in its midst. He tried to keep his balance but could not and he fell face first into the bushes. As you might imagine, his mouth came down right upon the derelict's erect wanker (which is why it is referred as "going down" on someone) and, as the derelict was on the verge of ejaculation, he blew his wad of creme brule right down the throat and into the gullet of Sir Romulus III. Then, in order to ammend the situation, the both of them agreed that it was only propper for the derelict to suck off Sir Romulus, thus squaring the debt and that is why to this day ettiquette tells us that "we musn't get it, lest we are willing to give it". And that, my comrades, is the history of the first fellatio.

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How do you give proper fellatio?

Fellatio is sexual stimulation with the mouth and it is done properly when your partner gets pleasure from it.

Is fellatio harmful?

No, it is not harmful!

How do you practice felltio?


Fellatio is good or bad?

There is no sure answser to that question. There are men who enjoy fellatio and other men who think it is dirty. There are women who like giving fellatio and others who would never put a penis in their mouths.

What is it when you suck on a penis?

The term for that is fellatio.

Do boys enjoy fellatio?


Is fellatio bad?

Its a good thing

Is it ok to perform fellatio?


What to do after fellatio?

Swallow or spit, then repeat!

Is performing fellatio fun?


How do you perform fellatio on a girl?

answ2. When a male is stimulating a female with his mouth, the word is Cunnilingus.Fellatio is when the female takes the penis to her mouth.

What makes females perform fellatio?


What percent of men have performed fellatio?


Why don't girls like fellatio?

Many do.

Who is leland murrin?

Cunnilingus and fellatio lover.

What percentage of women perform fellatio?

all of them

Is fellatio bad for you?

Normally not for either partner.

What is it called when a girl sucks your penis?


Do Indian women like fellatio?

they love it

Does fellatio make the penis longer?

No, it does not. I certainly wish it did!

Can a male give another male fellatio?

If he wants to.

What does it feel to perform fellatio?

because bitches deserve it

Is fellatio a crime?

Not in most places as long as you do it in private.

When performing fellatio how do you keep him erect?

Very carefully

How can you excite your boyfriend in bed?

Practice Fellatio and swallow.