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When did hitler annex the Sudetenland?

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Because they were going to join Germany.


The German army moved into the Sudetenland 16 March 1939, the Munich Agreement, which gave the land to Germany happened in September 1939. The Czechoslovakian government circulated 21 September and a few days later the Nazi's installed a puppet government.

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What part did Hitler annex in czechoslovika?

The Sudetenland

What two areas surrounding Germany did Hitler annex in 1936 and 1938?

The Sudetenland (a part of Czechoslovakia) and Austria.

Propitiate in a sentence?

Chamberlain sought to propitiate Hitler by giving in to his demands that Germany could annex the Sudetenland.

Which policy did France and Great Britain follow by allowing Hitler to annex the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia in 1938?

The policy of appeasement.

When did Hitler take the sudetenland?

Hitler took sudetenland in 1938 from Czechoslovakia

What countries did Adolph Hitler annex?

Adolf Hitler annexed Austria and the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. Germany occupied Poland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Greece and Norway.

What Prime Minster allowed Hitler to take Czech territory?

UK Prime Minister allowed Nazi German Führer Hitler to annex the Sudetenland, which was a Czechoslovak territory, in pursuit of peace with him in 1938.

What is the word for letting Germany take over the Sudetenland?


When did Germany annex Austria and Sudetenland?

the annexing of Austria happened in 1938

Was Hitler born in the Sudetenland?

No, in Austria

What are of Czechoslovakia was Hitler wanting?

The Sudetenland

Sudetenland taken by Hitler?


What year did Germany takes sudetenland?

Hitler led Germany invaded the Czechoslavakian Sudetenland in 1939.

At what conference did hitler gain the sudetenland?

At the Munich conference it was decided to give Germany all of the Sudetenland.

What was the region of Czechoslovakia demanded by Hitler?

The Sudetenland

What region of Czechoslovakia did Hitler demand?

The Sudetenland.

What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler demand?

The Sudetenland

What area in Czechoslovakia did Hitler demand?


When did Hitler take back the sudetenland?


What Czechoslovak territory was demanded by Hitler?

The Sudetenland

What is the region of Czechoslovakia demanded by Hitler?

The Sudetenland.

Region of Czechoslovakia demanded by Hitler?

The Sudetenland

Hitler demanded which part of Czechoslovakia?

The Sudetenland .

What area did Hitler demand and get from Czechoslovakia?

The Sudetenland

Region demanded by Hitler in Czechoslovakia?


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