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When did hollyoaks first air?

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Apparently the 23rd of October 1995.

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What year did Hollyoaks first air?

tell me

What year did hollyoaks air?


How long has hollyoaks bean on tv for?

The first episode of Hollyoaks aired on the 23rd October 1995.

When did Theresa McQueen come into hollyoaks?

Theresa McQueens first appearance in Hollyoaks was on the 24th November 2008.

When was the first ever episode of hollyoaks?

23rd October 1995

When did Hollyoaks start?

It was first broadcast on the 23rd October, 1995

When was hollyoaks first broadcast on tv?

23rd October 1995

Is hollyoaks town?

If you mean is Hollyoaks a town ? then it is a town in Hollyoaks but in real it is not a town

When was hollyoaks made?

Hollyoaks began in 1995!

Were to go to get a part on hollyoaks?

how to get a part on hollyoaks

Why is hollyoaks called hollyoaks?

Because its the name of the village

What is the duration of Hollyoaks?

The duration of Hollyoaks is 1500.0 seconds.

Was tess daley in hollyoaks?

was tess daly in hollyoaks

Who played Niall in Hollyoaks?

barry sloane played niall in hollyoaks barry sloane played niall in hollyoaks

Is hollyoaks filmed in chester?

Yes, Hollyoaks is filmed in Chester.

When did Hollyoaks end?

Hollyoaks ended on 1995-10-23.

When was Hollyoaks created?

Hollyoaks was created on 1995-10-23.

How many people act in hollyoaks?

=== === ---- === === there are 31 people who act in hollyoaks

Is kimberley walsh's sister in hollyoaks?

No Kimberley Walsh's sister is not in hollyoaks

What is the duration of Hollyoaks Later?

The duration of Hollyoaks Later is 3600.0 seconds.

Is Lauren from hollyoaks 19?

Nope, she is 17 in real life and 16 in hollyoaks.

Which hollyoaks episode did Sara die in?

in the 2nd to last hollyoaks later 2009

Where was hollyoaks set?

Hollyoaks is set in a small village just outside Chester.

When was Newt - Hollyoaks - created?

Newt - Hollyoaks - was created in 2007.

When was Hollyoaks Later created?

Hollyoaks Later was created on 2008-11-24.