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Scientific evidence says that the first modern humans, Homo sapiens, appeared more than 200,000 years ago. Some fossils from the middle Pleistocene period (about 400,000 years ago), referred to as Homo sapiens rhodesiensis, may be archaic Homo sapiens - a transitional species. The earliest known fossil of a human ancestor, a female Ardipithecus ramidusspecimen nicknamed "Ardi," is 3.2 million years old.

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Q: When did humans first appear?
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When did the first humans appear?

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What period did humans first appear?


Which continent did humans first appear?


When did humans first appear on Cenozoic?


In which epoch did modern humans appear?

The first humans, or homo sapiens, first appeared in the Pleistocene Epoch.

When did the humans first appear?


When did humans first appear on the Earth?

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On which continent did early humans first appear?


When did early humans first appear on earth?


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What period did humans first appear in?

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When did ancestors of modern-day humans first appear?


How did humans first appear to the planet earth?

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On which continent did modern humans first appear?

Modern Humans first appeared in Afroeurasia (Africa, Europe, and Asia) and migrated to Australia.

When did ancestors of modern day humans first appear?

200,000 BC

Was the apes the first thing that made the humans appear?

no. humans used to be their own type of primate. We evolved into humans, but we never started as apes.

During which geological period did first humans appear?

We first came around in the Pliocene Period.

When do the earliest humans appear in the fossil record?

Humans first appeared during the Pleistocene epoch.

What continent did humans first appear?

Human life first appeared in Africa and then proceeded to migrate to other continents.

About when did the first modern day abacus appear?

about 3000 B.C.When humans first began to trade in markets.

When did first humans appear?

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How long ago did the first anatomically modern humans appear on the Earth?

According to human evolution, humans as they are now first appeared on the earth around 250,000 years ago.

How long have humans been on earth?

Humans first appeared in the Neogene period. so, they started to appear 23 million years ago.

When did modern humans first appear on earth?

Hominids with the same anatomy as modern humans first appear in the fossil records about 200,000 years ago. They existed alongside earlier species that became extinct, as well as with the separate Neanderthals, with whom some interbreeding may have occurred.