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Q: When did jay Leno take over for johnny Carson?
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What year did Jay Leno take over the tonight show from johny Carson?

25th May 1992.

Who hosted the tonight show before leno and after Carson?

Johnny Carson never did "reruns" of his shows; every show was new and fresh. Carson took plenty of vacations, but whenever he was away, one of a number of "guest hosts" would take the big seat. Jay Leno was one; Don Rickles and actress Joan Rivers were others. When Carson announced his impending retirement, NBC tried a number of different people who had guest-hosted the Tonight Show, and settled on Leno pretty quickly. So the straight answer would be "There were no permanent hosts of the Tonight Show between Carson and Leno." My complaint with Leno is that when he took over, he "pulled up the ladder behind him", and never allowed anybody else to guest-host the show, and never allowed new talent a chance to develop their own styles. Like a professor who refused to teach, he tried - intentionally or not - to block any competition from developing.

When did Conan O'Brien take over for Jay Leno?

June 1, 2009

What comedian is slated to take over for Jay Leno on the tonight show in 2009?


Did Johnny Carson's children became actors?

Not to my knowledge. Carson had three sons. One of them was killed when his car went over a cliff, but no drugs or alcohol were involved, he was evidently trying to take a photograph while driving when it happened. His other children have been very low-key, and live private lives.

Why johnny had time to take french lessons?

because he was waiting for the war to be over

Can a guy over 18 watch Johnny Test?

Of course, just don't let it take over your life

How was Johnny Appleseed strange for his time?

he will try to bring apples to the west

What bus take you to the Carson mall in California?


Did Rachel Carson have kids?

Rachel Carson did not have any kids of her own, but she had to take care of her niece's son when she died.

How long does it take to get to Disneyland from Carson City?

It takes about 8 hours from Carson City and about 8.5 hours from Reno

What is Carson lueders text number?

0777347698 he is ma bro

When Carson starts to take candy's dog what does slim mean when he says take a shovel?

Because Carson is going out to kill Candy's so they shovel is to bury the dog

What company had the words take it to go in their jingle?

Carson's Ribs

Where will Conan O'Brien be based when he takes over the tonight show?

Los Angeles. But as of January 2010, he will no longer be hosting the Tonight Show and Jay Leno will take over again after his 10 p.m. got terrible ratings.

The Outsiders- Why does Johnny take the action he does?


Where is late show with Conan O'Brien?

Most recently it was filmed in Los Angeles. However, as of January 2010, Conan O'Brien has left NBC and Jay Leno will take over his show.

Did johnny cash take drugs?

Yes Johnny Cash took drugs on and off for years

Why does johnny take the action he does?

Johnny kills Bob because he was killing his best friend; Ponyboy.

What drugs did johnny cash take?

Amphetamines mostly.

Does Johnny Depp take Responsibility?

for what? and yes he dose

Why did protest take place?

Johnny Bravo wanted to do it.

Where does gifted hands by Ben Carson take place in the story?

Detroit, Michigan

What did pony decide was the reason dally couldn't take Johnny's death?

Pony decided that Dally couldn't take Johnny's death because Johnny was so young and good. Dally thought that was the reason Johnny died, from saving the kids from the fire. Dally was mad, because if Johnny was not as good, he might have been alive.

What actors and actresses appeared in Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle - 1941?

The cast of Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle - 1941 includes: Billy Mitchell as Guitar Player Pearl Pickens as Singer Carson Robison and His Buckaroos as Western Music Band Carson Robison as Carson Robinson - Band Leader