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anne Boleyn was unfortunately beheaded on 15th may 1536

Because he wanted to re-marry, and she was not able to give him a male heir that he wanted so badly, and she kept having miscarriges because she all ways cought him with another woman and she became so furious, thus causing her to loose her child.

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Where was Elizabeth 1st when Anne Boleyn was executed?

she was with Henry viii.

How old was Henry VIII when anne Boleyn was executed?

Henry VIII was 45, while Anne Boleyn was probably 35, and their daughter Elizabeth almost 3.

Who executed anne Boleyn?

Anne Bolyne was beheaded on orders of her Husband King Henry VIII

Why did Henry VIII remarry Anne Boleyn?

If I'm correct, they didn't remarry. Anne was executed.

Henry VIII executions?

He executed two of his wives: Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. :-)

When did anne Boleyn divorce Henry?

she didn't. Henry VIII executed her. And her marriage to Henry Percy was merely a promise

Which wife of Henry VIII was executed first?

The first of Henry VIII's six wives to be executed was his second wife, Anne Boleyn

Was anne Boleyn Henry VIII wife or daughter?

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII.

What year was Anne Boleyn marred to Henry the VIII?

Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII in 1533

When did Henry VIII execute Anne Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn was found guilty of treason by the authorities and was executed in the Tower of London by the official executioner on the 19 May 1536 Henry VIII was not present at the execution.

How many of Henry VIII's wives were executed?

Henry VIII had six wives, two of which were executed: Anne Boleyn Catherine Howard Furthermore, Anne and Catherine were cousins.

Why did Henry VIII behead Anne Boleyn?

Henry VIII beheaded Anne Boleyn to simply get a son. Anne Boleyn could not produce one and Henry got Furious.Henry did not get what he wanted, so he selfishly executed her. He could now not have a son which would take on the throne. Next in line was Edward VI.

How many years where Henry VIII and anne Boleyn married for?

The married in January 1533, and Anne was executed in May 1536.

What Queen Was executed by Henry VIII?

Henry VIII's second wife Queen Anne Boleyn was executed by him, as was his fifth wife Queen Catherine Howard.

Anne and Mary Boleyn?

Anne and Mary Boleyn were sisters. Both were mistresses to King Henry VIII, but Anne became queen. Mary died in her early forties in 1543; Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536.

How many wives did Henry the VIII exercute?

Henry the eight had Anne Boleyn executed (Elizabeth I mother) Catherine Howard

How many wives did King Henry execute?

Henry VIII executed 2 of his wives: Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard.

Did Henry viii have anne Boleyn and Katherine howard beheaded?

Yes but Anne Boleyn was executed by the french sword (Henry paid a lot of money for a french sword executioner to come to England) and Katherine Howard was executed by the axe.

What year was Anne Boleyn married to Henry VIII for?

Anne Boleyn got married to Henry VIII on the 25th January 1533 at York Palace, London they were married for 30 years but then she got executed. this answer was written by Hollie lee

How many times did Henry VIII marry before Anne Boleyn?

Henry VIII married once before Anne Boleyn

When anne Boleyn died what was Henry the eight doing?

Henry VIII. enjoyed to dance with Jane Seymour in the nearby palace when at the same time Anne Boleyn was executed in the Tower yard. Honestly.

Who did Henry VIII execute?

I guess the question has two answers. He executed subjects. Henry also executed two Queens, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

Which wife of Henry VIII was the mother of Elizabeth the first?

Anne Boleyn was her mother, she was Henry VIII second wife and was executed two years after Elizabeth was born.

When did Anne Boleyn get married to Henry VIII?

Henry VIII of England and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, were married on 28th May 1533.

What is a good title for a research paper about Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII?

Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII: A Relationship that Shook the Foundation of England.