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No religion other than Christianity celebrates Christmas as part of their religion. Many people who are not Christians celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate it as a secular holiday, not as a religious one.


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AnswerCelebrating Christmas actually started in Italy.

Australians began celebrating Christmas from the time of the first European settlement, in 1788.

They always have celebrated Christmas.

The Germans start celebrating Christmas on the evening of 25 December.

to celebrate the birth of christ

No, the tradition of celebrating Christmas goes back to Europe-wide pre-Chrisitian celebrations of the Winter Solstice.

Yes. In Catholic churchs people go to church at midnight on Christmas Eve. There are usally lots of candles and Christmas decorattons Or at least its Christmas Eve at the start, at the end its Christmas! Im not sure about other religions.

they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away

Philippine ChristmasFilipinos start celebrating Christmas by going to midnight mass starting December 16 until Christmas Eve on December 24--practically nine days before Christmas.

Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) did not "start" the Christmas tradition. The "Christmas tradition" dates back to at least the 4th century, though early Christians were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ long before that.

As they find all the existing religions are false in one way or the other.

no their are no religions that start with "N"

The word itself means "Leftovers", In Mexican and other Spanish speaking countries it is a tradition, they usually make food enough for 2 days as they start celebrating the night of the 24th (Xmas eve), all the way to the morning of Christmas.

A Christmas word that begins with the letter A is angel. Other Christmas words that start with an a are angelic, antlers, and advent.

Some families start decorating the night of thanksgiving

How did Christmas start in Spain?

AnswerNo other religions make up Islam. Islam is the call of prophets since mankind start of creation. It is even goes back to start of universe creation. Islam is an Arabic word that means submission to God. Accordingly, no other religions are making up Islam. Refer to related question below. AnswerNo other religions make up Islam - Islam is a religion in its own right

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The official start of Christmas Season is the day after Halloween. It is when stores start playing Christmas music and Christmas decors are hung.

advent marks the start of Christmas

to recognize the people who fought for our country

Christmas has been celebrated, as a Christian holiday, since the early middle ages. It succeeded pagan celebrations held previously, which marked the period of the return of longer days (Dec. 21 or 22 being the Winter solstice, in other words offering the shortest daylight of the year). Celebrations were much more modest in these days and not in the form they have nowadays.

because the start of the new year by brice

not that i know of but maybe in other countries

The very first Christmases in New Zealand were celebrated by explorers. Abel Tasman and his crew enjoyed a Christmas feast using their own provisions in 1642, while James Cook and his crew also had Christmas dinner while circumnavigating New Zealand in 1769.However, the first Christmas service in New Zealand occurred when Reverend Samuel Marsden preached on Christmas Day in 1814.

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