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No religion other than Christianity celebrates Christmas as part of their religion. Many people who are not Christians celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate it as a secular holiday, not as a religious one.

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Q: When did other religions start celebrating Christmas?
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Why did the US start celebrating Christmas?


When did Australia start celebrating Christmas?

Australians began celebrating Christmas from the time of the first European settlement, in 1788.

How did Greek Orthodox start celebrating Christmas?

They always have celebrated Christmas.

When did the use start celebrating Christmas?


When did Germany start celebrating Christmas?

in 888 A.D.

When is German Christmas?

The Germans start celebrating Christmas on the evening of 25 December.

When did Italy start celebrating Christmas?

AnswerCelebrating Christmas actually started in Italy.

Why did Christians start celebrating Christmas?

to celebrate the birth of christ

Did people in the Czech republic start Christmas?

No, the tradition of celebrating Christmas goes back to Europe-wide pre-Chrisitian celebrations of the Winter Solstice.

Is there a tradition of going to church on Christmas Eve?

Yes. In Catholic churchs people go to church at midnight on Christmas Eve. There are usally lots of candles and Christmas decorattons Or at least its Christmas Eve at the start, at the end its Christmas! Im not sure about other religions.

When do people in Mexico start celebrating Christmas?

they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away

How do people in the Philippines celebrate Christmas?

Philippine ChristmasFilipinos start celebrating Christmas by going to midnight mass starting December 16 until Christmas Eve on December 24--practically nine days before Christmas.

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