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When did people use Internet in their home?

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for India upto my knoledgeHi,Upto my knoledge in India YEAR1998.In hi society it was started as some were having their contacts on e-mail as it was costly afair.but from 2004 it was very comon to have I-net connection at home as BroadBand established very fastly.
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Where do people use the internet?

At home, at school, at work, in libraries, at airports, or wherever there are internet hotspots.

What percentage of people use the internet?

88% Of people use the internet.

How do you use the internet at home?

Typically with a Computer and an Internet Browser

I don't have a home phone, can I still use your service for the internet?

I don't have a home phone line, can I still use your service for fast internet?

How many people use the internet a day?

There are over five million people who use the internet everyday. Harry you are wrong, there are more people who dont use the Internet than do Atm

How many people over 55 currently use the Internet?

1 million people use the internet

How many people use the internet daily?

About 3,000,000 people nation wide use the internet daily.

What is the difference between broadband and internet?

Broadband internet is what people use for home internet and is different compared to cell phone LTE/5G internet.IVC Telecom is broadband internet provider in Canada

Why do we use the Internet?

We use the internet to ask people around the globe silly questions.

How many people use Internet in New Mexico?

thousands of people use internet along with young kinds too. 90% of people

What did people do before internet was invented?

People use Telex before the invention of Internet.

What is Internet fuel?

Well fuel is used to keep something going, and people use the internet, so internet fuel is what keeps the internet going. Answer: people, if they use the internet they are giving it fuel to continue to operate.

How have music shops been affected by the use of the internet?

Music shops have been negatively affected by the use of the internet because the internet has made it possible for people to purchase music from the comforts of their own home. Many music shops have gone out of business because people prefer to purchase music online.

How can you use your home Internet efficiently?

you can use the internet to browse the web and access the learning web sites. .. which is one way to use it eficiently

How man people world wide use internet today?

more than 100,000,000 people a day use the Internet :O

How many people know how to use the internet to its maximum benefit?

over billions of people know how to use the internet to its maximum benefit.

How do people use the Internet Internet?

It's a good source for everything.

What did people use for the internet before the internet was invented?

they used books

I need internet for multi computers in home?

Buy internet router and use WiFi for each of the computer to access internet

How many people use Internet in Spain?

There are 40,525,002 people in Spain. There are 29,093,984 internet users, or 71.8 % of the population uses the internet.

How many people use the internet daily in the uk?

52,731,209 people use Internet in UK. Source:

Can you use your home internet service to operate an iPad?


Why do people not use all of the internet?

I find that the internet is like having a complete library at your fingertips. The uses for internet are endless and different people use the internet for different purposes. Some use it for research, some for gaming, some for social networking and some also use the internet to shop. I find that people can use it for just about anything they need at the time and will always find results.

Is there such a thing as worldwide internet access that I could use at home and while traveling?

Can you connect to your home network wireless network while abroad? No. But there is worldwide internet access in the sense that the internet is available anywhere. has a good guide on internet use while traveling.

How many people a day use the internet?

Billions of people use the internet each day. Since the internet is available in every country and almost every device, people are connected everywhere all the time.

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