When did pickling start?

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Are pickling lime and pickling salt the same?

No. Pickling lime is calcium hydroxide. Pickling salt is sodium chloride without additives.

What is a advantage of pickling?

Pickling things preserves them.

What is acid pickling?

Acid pickling means pickle the acid.

What is the process of soaking and storing food in brine?


What kind of cucumbers you use for pickles?

Certain varieties of cucumbers have been bred specifically for use in pickling. By using these varieties, the home pickling enthusiast will end up with a crisper and more flavorful result. If growing cucumbers at home, be sure to select seeds that are labeled as "pickling" or "good for pickling" on the seed packet. Good choices for pickling cucumbers include: Pioneer, National Pickling, Saladin, Bush Pickling Liberty Hybrid, Ballerina, Boston Pickling, and Eureka Hybrid.

Can you can pickles with pickling lime instead of pickling salt?

Pickling lime used to be an accepted method of adding crispness to pickled cucumbers. The USDA no longer recommends use of pickling lime. Pickling lime is alkaline and must all be washed off of the cucumbers or it can result in a less acidic pickling solution. It the pickling solution is not acidic enough it can allow botulism an environment in which to grow. Botulism cases have been linked to this situation and this is the reason it is no longer recommended.

What vinegar for pickling eggs?

White vinegar is the best vinegar to use for pickling eggs.

What is the formula for pickling salt?

Pickling salt or canning salt is similar to table salt, but lacks the iodine and anti-caking additives that turn pickles dark and the pickling liquid cloudy.

What acid is used on pickling?

Acetic Acid is used on pickling if vinegar is used as the primary liquid ingredient.

What kind of acid does pickling contain?

Pickling brine for making pickles contains vinegar (if you want to be scientific about it, dilute acetic acid). If you're talking about some other kind of pickling (there's a treatment method for metals known as pickling, for example) then you'll need to be more specific.

What is pickling ingredient?


How long does pickling take?

It depends on what you are pickling most of the time stuff can take from 3 weeks to 9 weeks.

Why can't you use aluminum pan in pickling?

Because the acid in the pickling liquor reacts with the aluminum and spoils the pickles.

What can you use as a substitute for pickling lime?

pickleing statute? I can't find the lime.

What turns the process of canning vegetables into pickling vegetables?

The addition of vinegar and the processing times are different for pickling than for canning. Canning cooks the vegetables thoroughly whereas pickling is done from the veggie's raw state.

What microorganisms are used for pickles?

Microorganisms are not a good thing when it comes to pickling. Generally you want to kill off microorganisms when pickling.

How does pickling slow down decay?

Pickling lowers the pH of the food which in turn controls the bacteria and enzymes that cause decay.

How much does a pickling cucumber weigh?

I'm not sure, but if you get a scale, and measure the weight f a pickling cucumber, I bet it will give you the answer

What is fermented pickling?

Fermented pickling is the process of preserving or expanding the lifespan of food by anaerobic fermentation using a lactobacillus culture.

How big should let your cucumbers grow for pickling?

Idle pickling size depends on the jar you are using for pickling. My grandmother (surely a pickling expert; she survived the Great Depression) says that for the best tasting results, they should be between 5 inches and 12 inches. Anything larger dilutes the flavor of herbs in the brine.

How is alum used in food?


What rhymes with pickling?

tickling and sickling

Who invented pickling?

albert appert

What acid is used in pickling?


What is the principles used in pickling?


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