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Q: When did pole vault start?
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When did the pole vault start and when?

day 1

How do you play pole vault?

you dont play pole vault, you participate in the pole vault event.

Where does Santa keep his track and field trophies?

in the pole vault

What is the stadium called where the do the pole vault?

It is called the pole vault pit.

Where was pole vault invented?

Competition in pole vault began in the mid 19th century in Germany. Gymnastic clubs began using the pole vault as an exercise for their athletes.

What is a pole vault pole made out of?

Pole Vault Poles used to made out of materials such as wood, metal and bamboo. Pole Vault Poles are now made out of bendable materials such as Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber

How do pole vaulters train?

They pole vault

What is the world record for the highest pole vault?

sergey budka in outdoor pole vault at 6.14 meters

When did pole vault?

A Canal

When was Bill Miller - pole vault - born?

Bill Miller - pole vault - was born in 1912.

When did Bill Miller - pole vault - die?

Bill Miller - pole vault - died in 2008.

Did sergey bubka won any medal in Olympics?

Yes, Sergey Bubka won the gold medal in the pole vault at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.he won more than that he is the greatest pole vaulter everGold 1988 Seoul Pole vault {| ! colspan="3" | World Championships |} {| ! colspan="4" | Competitor for Soviet Union |} Gold 1983 Helsinki Pole vault Gold 1987 Rome Pole vault Gold 1991 Tokyo Pole vault {| ! colspan="4" | Competitor for Ukraine |} Gold 1993 Stuttgart Pole vault Gold 1995 Gothenburg Pole vault Gold 1997 Athens Pole vault {| ! colspan="3" | European Championships |} {| ! colspan="4" | Competitor for Soviet Union |} Gold1986 Stuttgart Pole vault

How do you do a pole vault?

The amount of information needed to safely pole vault is truly staggering. Remember to start off very small! Personally, i did drills with a PVC pipe for three weeks before i was allowed to touch a pole. Start by completing simple pole raising drills and move your way up to planting drills, then to a drill with a short jog into a plant. Always remember it is better to vault safely then to try to jump over your limit!

How high can a kangaroo pole vault?

It can't pole-vault because it couldn't hold onto a pole. If it could somehow, it wouldn't have the coordination to move the pole the way it should.

Circumference Of pole vault pole?

It depends on the weight limit and length of the pole.

How high did Eric bell vault in the pole vault?

go home

What do you call the jump which includes using a pole?

A pole vault.

Is there a limit to length of a pole in pole vault?

I think so.

In which track and field event is a pole used?

Pole Vault

Who can participate in pole vault?

Anybody with a heart can pole-vault but it takes courage and a decent amount of physical ability(be coordinated)

How many times has the pole vault record been broken?

Pole vault record has been broken 35 times.

The fibreglass pole in pole vault competition?

Most pole vault poles are fiberglass, yes. Some can be made of carbon fiber, which allows them to bend differently.

Name two olympic events that require an athlete to vault?

pole vault and the vault horse in gymnastics

What is the height of a pole vault pole?

The height of the bar in a pole vault can vary because each time the bar is successfully cleared it is raised to a higher level. The world record height for a pole vault is 6.14m and was set by Sergey Bubka on 7/31/1994.

Do you have to have a flex pole to bend your pole in pole vault?

yes or else you'll fail