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Republicans were always mostly in the Northern states ever since the Civil war. Also republicans favored a strong central government, hence Abraham Lincoln using the most federal power in history. The democratic party was always mostly in the southern states ever since the civil war because many Democrats supported slavery which was mostly in the South. Up unitl 1976 did democrats start to be mostly in the northern states and republicans in the southern states like it is today. They basically flip flopped Demographics and ideas over 150 years.

Though the demographics have changed republicans have always had a conservative base. Conservatives lost power in the Democratic party during the 1960s. They struggled to survive during the next few decades, many of them switching to Republicans along the way. Eventually with both Obama's victories unfortunately the conservative democrats are now barely existent, everyone left has now switched party affiliation.

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Did Anti-federalists become Democrats or republicans?

They didn't 'become' democrats or republicans. Democrats evolved from the Anti-Federalists. So to answer your question, Democrat would be the answer.

What year did republicans become republicans and democrats become democrats?

There was no exact year. In The 50s and early 60s the party's ideologies changed. Democrats were once rightist and Republicans were leftist. In the 50s and early 60s the ideologies changed drastically

Did federalists later become democrats or Republicans?

After the dissolution of the Federalist party, former federalists split into both Republicans and Democrats, but the majority became Republicans.

Who ownes the donkey Republicans or Democrats?

Democrats. Republicans have the elephant.

What is the political symbols of Democrats and republicans?

Donkey for Democrats and Elephant for Republicans

What animal are Democrats?

Democrats are donkeys and Republicans are elephants A Donkey The Democrats have the Donkey, and the Republicans have the Elephant. donkey

What television networks support which political parties?

OAN= Republicans, Newsmax=Republicans, Fox=Republicans and Democrats, ALL others=Democrats

Who is the elephant and who is the donkey between democrats and republicans?

Democrats are the donkeys and the Republicans are the elephants.

Is it true republicans are better and smarter than democrats?

Yes. The evidence is overwhelming. In most cases, democrats grow out of their reckless, impressionable phase ,start paying taxes and become Republicans.

What animals represent the Democrats and Republicans?

The Democrats are represented by Donkeys and The Republicans are represented by Elephants

Democrats and Republicans have developed in what country?

Democrats and Republicans are the two political parties in America.

When did china become economic power?

When the democrats and republicans stating giving away the store.

What is the breakdown of democrats republicans and independents in the senate?

Democrats - 49, Republicans - 49, and two Independents.

How many republicans and democrats in the 111th congress?

57 Democrats , 41 Republicans and 2 Independents

What is the term for all republicans or all Democrats?

Democrats = Known as Liberals. Republicans = Known as Conservatives.

Is the left side democrats or Republicans?

In the US, Democrats are generally the left party, where Republicans are right.

If republicans are called GOP what are democrats called?

The Republicans are the GOP. Democrats are the PHD.

How many democrats and republicans represent California?

In the US Congress it is 34 Democrats and 19 Republicans.

How many Democrats are in the 112th congress?

House of Representatives - Republicans 242, Democrats 193 Senate - Republicans 47, Democrats 51

How many Democrats and Republicans are in the US Senate 2011?

There are 51 Democrats, 47 Republicans, and 2 Independents, both of whom caucus with the Democrats.

What is the make up of legislature for Massachusetts?

There are 35 Democrats and 5 Republicans in the Senate, with the Democrats making up 87.5% of the body and Republicans making up 12.5%, giving the Democrats a supermajority. There are 16 Republicans and 144 Democrats in the House of Representatives, with the Democrats making up 90% of the body and Republicans making up 10%, giving the Democrats a supermajority.

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