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Q: When did salmonella start?
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Related questions

What is the duration of salmonella enteritidis symptoms?

Typically start 6 to 72 hours after you are exposed

What is the reproduction cycle of salmonella?

when momey salmonella loves a daddy salmonella are in love they make a baby salmonella

What does salmonella typhi feed on?

Salmonella eats other salmonella

Is salmonella enterica and salmonella bongori species of salmonella?


What is the pathogen name for salmonella?

Salmonella is caused by the Salmonella genus of bacteria, specifically salmonella enteridica.

What pathogen is in salmonella?

Salmonella IS the pathogen.

Does fish and chips have salmonella in it?

No they do not have salmonella in it only if they get contaminated then it is possible for some to have salmonella?

What is salmonella a type of?

salmonella is a type of food poisoning salmonella is a type of food poisoning

What tests could you perform to differentiate between Salmonella altendorf Salmonella brezany Salmonella tinda and Salmonella abortus bovis?

20e API kit

What is salmonella's scientific names?

Actually, Salmonella is a scientific name for a genus of bacteria. There are many species like Salmonella minnesota, Salmonella enteritidis etc.

What is the common name for Salmonella?


What is the common term for a salmonella?

love is the common term of salmonella plus when you have a boyfriend your salmonella is inlove

Scientific name for salmonella?

i heard it was Salmonella Enterica but others say its just salmonella. That's the best i can do!

Is there a form of salmonella such as salmonella-D?

Yes there is.

What can salmonella do?

Salmonella can cause Typhoid fever.

What microorganism causes salmonella?

Salmonella spp.

What does Salmonella Grow on?

Salmonella grows on food most of the time. Usually, salmonella grows on dairy, poultry, and meat products. Chickens and eggs particularly are at risk of carrying salmonella.

Why salmonella is prokaryotic cell?

Salmonella is a prokaryote because prokaryotic cells have a nucleus. So the salmonella bacteria has a nucleus.

What bacteria causes salmonella?

"Salmonella poisoning" (salmonellosis/ enteris) is caused by the bacteria of the genus Salmonella.

Is salmonella an autotroph or a heterotroph?

Since Salmonella is a type of bacteria, and bacteria are heterotrophs, salmonella is probably also a heterotroph.

Can chocolate give you salmonella?

You can get salmonella from any food, including chocolate, that has been contaminated by salmonella enterobacteria. Salmonella contamination is usually a result of improper handling or cleaning of the preparation area.

Is salmonella eubacteria?

Yes, salmonella is caused by eubacteria.

What shape is salmonella?

Salmonella is a Gram Negative Rod

Is salmonella bacteria prokaryotic?

Salmonella is a prokaryotic bacteria

Does salmonella have mitochondria?

Salmonella are bacterial group.They do not have mitochondria.