When did sculpture first begin or become known to the community?

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Sculpture has existed since the beginning of civilization. One of the earliest examples are figures of women carved from stone and dated to 25,000-20,000 BC. Sculpture has been integral to many communities since people began to make objects which were not just tools.
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When did communism begin?

Communism started in 1917 with the Russian Revolution. When the Communists overthrew the the Tsar and the Romanov Family. The conditions that led to the Russian revolution and Communism were mass poverty, starvation and just horrific living conditions for most of the Russian people in 1917. What hap ( Full Answer )

How did communism begin?

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels predicted that one day countries would overthrow all governments and share equally. This was the building block for Russian rebels opposed to the Czar. "Communism" goes back to primitive times when people lived in small groups or tribes. No one one owned any partic ( Full Answer )

When did the first known worshiping of gods begin?

ANSWER . With Adam, the first man. ANSWER I imagine the elements were first worshiped and prayed to. So far back in time we would probably call ourselves cavemen. Boom! lightning! pray for no more of that!

What is sculpture?

Sculpture is a three dimensional art form. The medium for sculpture is varied including paper, clays, junk, stone, wood and any other object that can be made into an artistic rendering.

What is a sculpture?

A sculpture is a three-dimensional form made from clay, stone, metal, and other material. Sculptures can be large or small and some are realistic. . to sculpture something

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What are sculptures?

Sculptures are three dimensional objects that are a form of art. They can be stationary or mobile. They can move with the wind or mechanics. Sculptures can be large or very tiny. Outdoor sculptures are a form of art that communities often commission. Famous artists who are sare Donatello, Constantin ( Full Answer )

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How did communication begin?

communication started by banging sticks on wall then drawing on cave walls than communication started by sign language

What came first painting or sculpture?

It has long been believed that the oldest specimens of sculpture found, are older than any paintings.. However, the latest discoveries in cave painting seems to make the oldest paintings and the oldest sculptures rather similar in age.

Who sculptured the first superlambanana?

Well... Taro Chiezo desgined a 4inch model and Andy Small and 3 other local Liverpool artists made the 17ft by 10ft one that you see today Hope that helps?!?!?!

Can you describe Michelangelo's first large scale sculpture?

\nThe first large scale sculpture by Michelangelo was a standing larger than life marble sculpture of Hercules. Eventually the statue made its way to Paris and was erected in one of the gardens at Fontainebleau by Henry IV. In 1713 the garden was destroyed and the statue lost.

Why do you have sculptures?

fur decoration sculpture tend to serve religious purposes in our lives - representing our object of belief

When did Henry Moore make his first sculpture?

Henry Moore first sculpted "Standing Figure" in 1951. After thissculpture, his work takes a different turn and becomes manysculptures of human figures that are reclining, a modern take onAztec and Mayan sculptures.

What artist is well-known for his marble sculpture Pieta?

Michelangelo (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, 1475-1564) carved the Pietà in 1499. It was originally designed as a grave monument for the French cardinal Jean de Billheres (1400-1499) but was later relocated to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Karl Marx is known as the what of Communism?

The father of communism, although he would deny paternity of what passes for communism today. There is no country that operates under the form of communism that Marx foresaw. Communist revolutions have been political revolutions instead of economic ones. The state, or government has increased in str ( Full Answer )

What is communism known for?

Depends where you've been brought up, where my Father was it was known as an evil. But my friend from Asia knew it as a "Liberation for the people". Although it does have an international reputation for genocide and civil war.

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What is the best known roman sculpture?

The best known Roman sculpture is probably the one of the wolf with the babies Romulus and Remus under her. Although this sculpture does not date back to the ancient Romans, it symbolizes the founding of the city. If a person were to see a the image of the statue he/she would automatically think "Ro ( Full Answer )

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When did communication first begin?

The first communication was likely chemical, with a hormone or similar compound that was interpreted by a similar receptive adaptation developed over the course of an organisms evolution. Before the times of mouths, limbs, and tools... In terms of human history, no one is really capable of determin ( Full Answer )

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Who is well known for his marble sculpture The Pieta?

Michelangelo (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni,1475-1564) carved the Pietà in 1499. It was originally designed asa grave monument for the French cardinal Jean de Billheres(1400-1499) but was later relocated to St. Peter's Basilica inRome.

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Charter Communications is est known as one of the largest cable television providers in the United States. They also are known for providing internet and home phone services.

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XO Communications is a company which owned by XO Holdings, Inc. XO Communications had several previous names. XO Communications was also known as Allegiance Telecom, Inc., Nextlink Communications, and Concentric Network Corporation.

What is Sprint Communications best known for?

Sprint Communications a United States company is best known for supplying wired and wireless private telephone lines to its consumers, businesses and the government to help lower the costs of long distance phone calls.

What is a known communication arts magazine?

Communication Arts is actually a name of a magazine. It is internationally printed, founded in 1959, and is based out of California. The focus of the magazine is on the various ways a public communicates i.e. photos, text, poetry, paintings, and illustration.

What was the first community?

As far as we can tell, the first human community would have been a paleolithic tribe.