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Slavery has ALWAYS been a part of human history. -It rose to a peak in the 1700's to mid 1800's ,but has never totally ceased.

It is a popular concept today in 'civilsed ' countries that there is no slavery.

That is wrong, slavery still happens in many places in Europe, Africa and Asia. -It is just much more hidden than it used to be.

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Q: When did slavery take place and when did it end?
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How long did it take to end slavery?

it took about 34 years until slavery was over.

How did harriet tubman help end slavery?

To take them to the railroad

Where does child slavery take place mostly?

Presently in Haiti

What states did slavery take place?

the southern states in the united states

Did the Declaration of Independence end slavery?

No. It would take almost 100 years after the Declaration was signed before slavery was abolished.

What effect did Abraham Lincoln have on the war?

Lincoln did not agree with slavery but did not want to end it and take it away from states that allowed slavery.

Why did the American revolution put a end to slavery?

It did not end slavery only the slavery run by the british

Where was the end of slavery?

There has been no official end to slavery let alone a location. Slavery like sex slavery is still going on.

What historical event is celebrated by the Passover what year did it take place in?

Freedom from slavery.

Where did slavery take place in South America?

In South America, down in the Phillipeans~

When did they try to end slavery?

January, 1863 is when they tried to end slavery.

What was the end of slavery called?

abolitionism is the movement to end slavery, and the emancipation proclamation is the document that ended slavery.

Why was it easier to end the slave trade than slavery itself?

Because if you end the source in which slavery comes from, then you can eventually end all of slavery.

Why was it important to end slavery?

Because if slavery did not end nothing would be the same.

When did Andrew Johnson try to end slavery?

yes he did try to end slavery.

Why did it take so long for slavery to end in America?

The first countries in the world to abolish slavery were in Europe and North America. Many countries in Africa did not abolish slavery until the 1980s.

How long did Abraham Lincoln take till he stopped slavery?

Lincoln did not stop slavery. He signed the Emancipation Proclamation, but slavery didn't end until after the Civil War, after he was already dead.

What year did slavery take place in us?

1619 to 1865 when the thirteenth amendment was signed.

What development took place in 1852 which resulted in increased demands for an end to slavery?

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Why did the US Civil War take place?

the fight against slavery and other fights between the North and South caused the civil war to take place

Why did the president lincolns at first hesitate to take action to end slavery?

president lincoln hesitated at first to end slavery because he was worried that the border states would leave the union if he ended slavery. ( border states: missouri kentucky maryland and delaware)

What did Sojourner Truth do to end slavery?

sojourner truth spoke to the world to end slavery

Movement that wanted to end slavery?

The movement to end slavery was called the Abolitionist Movement

Why should slavery should end now?

because my mommy said i have to end slavery

Why did the Civil War take place?

Well mostly because the south had no problem with slavery and the north didn't exactly like slavery. California was neutral.