When did superstitions start?

It's very hard to imagine humankind without some superstitious beliefs. See the Related Link for "Wikipedia: Superstition" to the right. ? Well here is my anwser Superstitions began centuries ago when our ancestors tried to explain mysterious circumstances or events as best as they could with the knowledge they had. For instance, before the development of science explained such strange things as why mirrors show our reflections or why shadows appear when it's sunny, ancient people reasoned that a shadow or reflection was part of their soul. If someone broke something onto which the shadow or reflection appeared, people believed that their soul was harmed. Therefore, when a person broke a mirror it was considered unlucky or harmful. Today we know that reflections and shadows are not part of our souls but if someone still believes it is bad luck to break a mirror they are said to be superstitious. So a superstition is a belief or practice that people cling to even after new knowledge or facts prove that these silly beliefs are untrue. people believe in superstitions because they are simply afraid of the unknown.